Health insurance is probably the biggest stress-reliever when medical emergencies arise. Apart from your regular investments, having health insurance is most vital asset in anyone’s life. Yes, health insurance is not just an investment but an asset. Here are a few indicators that might change your mind.

1. You are responsible for your family: If you are the primary caretaker of your family, especially if it includes aging parents or little children, investing in a health insurance policy is imperative. 

2. You are self-employed:Freelancers and small business owners often put a majority of their earnings back into the business. This leaves little left over for emergencies. Add to this the heavy dependency on monthly income and insurance looks like a smart investment.Look for a plan that allows you to tailor options, along with flexibilities such as reducing the premium amount after a period of time. 

3. You are a young professional:Young professionals might feel that the medical cover provided by their workplace is sufficient for their needs. An additional health cover will prove invaluable over the years, even if you just consider the tax benefits to begin with. Look for a plan that might provide enhanced cover after claim-free years. 

4. You are a busy senior professional: Health insurance policies are essential to combat the stress that you face in your daily life. They make it easier to handle unforeseen illnesses and emergency situations. 

5. You are a retired senior citizen: After the age of retirement, you need to consider policies that are senior citizen-friendly, especially keeping in mind the maximum age applicable. Look for a policy that would continue for your lifetime. 

6. You are a student: Premium amounts are calculated on the basis of your age. Thus, the younger you are, the less amount of premium you have to pay. Opting for a medical insurance policy from the time you are a student helps you provide for medical contingencies at an affordable rate. 

7. You are between jobs: A personal health insurance policy helps you the most when you are in between jobs due to a prolonged illness.You could opt for health insurance or a Mediclaim policyafter making an assessment of the benefits provided by each. 

8. You are a single parent: In case you are providing for your children on your own, a private health insurance policy helps to provide medical cover and relieves the stress of handling emergencies on your own. A hassle-free, cashless plan might be a good choice for you. 

9. You or a family member has a chronic or critical illness: Most insurance policies have exclusions for some types of illnesses, especially for pre-existing ones. Look for a policy that covers the type of treatment that you need, even if it might be excluded for the initial period of the policy. A premium guarantee in case of claim would also be useful.

10. You have a family history of a critical illness: By investing in a medical insurance policy when you are young, you may be assured of covering any future medical emergencies that might arise due to hereditary illnesses.

Did any of the above signs describe your situation? Then, contact a good health insurance policy provider to get more information today. You may even apply for health insurance online, which is a convenient choice for busy professionals as well as for those with limited mobility.


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