Circular No. 958/1/2012-CX 


New Delhi, the 13th January,2012

Sub: Revised Treaty of Trade between  India and Nepal.


Pursuant to Revised  Treaty of Trade between Government of India and  Government of Nepal, exports  to Nepal have been put at  par with exports to other countries  ( except Bhutan).  In this regard, six Notification Nos. 24/2011-Central Excise(N.T), 26/2011-Central Excise(N.T), 27/2011-Central Excise(N.T), 28/2011-Central Excise(N.T), and 29/2011-Central Excise(N.T), all dated 5.12.2011 have been issued to amend earlier Notification Nos 19/2004-Central Excise(N.T) dated 6.09.2004, 42/2001-Central Excise(N.T) dated 26.06.2001, 43/2001CE(N.T) dated 26.06.2001, 44/2001-Central Excise(N.T) dated 26.06.2001 and 45/2001-Central Excise(N.T) dated 26.06.2001, respectively.  Notification no. 25/2011-Central Excise(N.T) dated 5.12.2011 has rescinded the earlier Notification No. 20/2004-Central Excise(N.T) dated 6.09.2004.    These amendments abolish the existing DRP for exports to Nepal and puts export to Nepal at par with exports to other countries (except Bhutan).  All these notifications have been made effective from 1st March, 2012.

2. Difficulties anticipated/ faced, if any in implementation of the revised procedure, may be brought to the notice of the Board.

4. Field Formations and Trade may also be suitably  informed.

5. Hindi version will follow.

Yours faithfully,

(V.P. Singh)

Under Secretary(CX.6)

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0 responses to “Revised Trade Treaty between India & Nepal”

  1. k.srivathsan says:

    Under this circular pl give us the product list of pharma allowed to export to Nepal which was aboilsh .

  2. Arindam Ray says:

    Consequent to latest revision of Treaty of Trade between India & Nepal, will it now be possible to export third country manufactured goods from India to Nepal.
    Also , will it be possible to export the shipment through Land Customs.

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