With the Government paving the way for Finance Act, 2015, the rate of Service Tax has been hiked from 12.36% to 14% w.e.f. 1st June 2015. The Government is also proposing to impose another two per cent Swachh Bharat cess on the services. This will be notified at a later date.

Considering the relevance of the subject for the industry and to analyse significant changes in Service Tax, PHD Chamber is organising the Third Workshop under the Annual Workshop Series as a full day National Conference on “Service Tax: Negative List, Declared Services, Exemption and Service Tax Rules, 1994 – Issues and Way forward and their Relevance in GST Regime” on Friday, 19th June 2015 from 10:00 am till 04:00 pm at PHD House, New Delhi.

The Workshop will broadly cover the following:

  • Overview of Service Tax and Importance of  existing procedures in GST regime
  • Critical Analysis of definition of Service, Negative List of Services/ Declared Services and GST on Services
  • Critical Analysis of change in rate of Service Tax and Levy of Swachh Bharat Cess
  • Changes in Mega Exemption Notification
  • Payment, Registration, e-filing, digitally signed invoices and records of Service Tax Audit, Investigation and Enquiry under Service Tax
  • Significant changes in Service Tax by Finance Act, 2015: Issues & Implications for industry
  • Importance and Relevance of Service Tax in GST Regime

We have also invited the following Government officers to deliberate on the contentious issues under Service Tax:

¨      Mr. S.V Singh, Principal Commissioner, Service Tax – III (Confirmed)

¨      Mr. Gautam Bhattacharya, Commissioner, Service Tax – II*

¨      Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Commissioner, Service Tax – IV*

The broad programme outline is enclosed for information of members.

Click here to Download Full Programme Details

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0 responses to “PHD Workshop Series: National Conference on Service Tax on 19th July 2015”

  1. CA.A ROY says:

    PHD Chamber of commerce is one of the famous Industry associations and nothing to do with ICAI-CA

  2. Bharat Anand says:

    Any plan for workshop at Chandigarh / Mohali?

  3. CMA Utpal K Saha says:

    PHD Chamber may include CMA V S Datey as their resource person on such programme. The name of Datey is known to all in Indirect Taxation regime.

  4. jay says:

    what is PHD

  5. CA Lalit Munoyat says:

    Indirect Taxes Committee of PHD Chamber:- Is it related, in any manner, with the Committee of Indirect Taxes, ICAI ? Any CPE hours ?. If not then its organisational credentials are expected to be published.

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