Circular No. 393/26/98-CX
dated 2/6/1998
F.No. 201/03/98-CX.6

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue, New Delhi

Subject: Real and substantive responsiveness to the public and improving the efficiency – Regarding

I am directed to say that the Government is concerned over lack of systematic and real responsiveness in the Indirect Tax Administration. It is felt that there is immediate need for having a professional and efficient approach towards providing responsive Tax Administration. In this connection, it is necessary that all intimations, declarations and queries received from the Members of trade and industry are responded in a time bond manner and with a sense of responsibility and accountability. In order to achieve this, the Board has decided the following measures:-

(1)    All declarations, intimations, etc. when sent by FAX, E-mail, by Post or by Courier shall be accepted by the field formations;

(2)    Appointments should by given also on E-mail on request from the trade;

(3)    All queries by E-mail should be accepted and the answers should be sent by E-mail;

(4)    Any query received from the trade must be answered within a maximum of four weeks from the date of receipt.

2.    To make E-mail an effective mode of communication between the Department and the public, it is essential that E-mail connectivity should be provided to all offices in the field formations and properly maintained. Wide publicity of the E-mail address should also be given.

3.    The Board further desires that the senior officers at the level of Commissioners, Addl./ Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners should be freely accessible to the member of the trade and industry and should frequently interact with the assessees by organising Open Houses and meetings of the concerned Associations. The Board also desires that the compliance of the instructions contained in this Circular should be monitored and ensured by the jurisdictional Commissioner.

(P.K. Sinha)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

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