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F.No. EDI/Misc-82/2017 JNCH

Date: 06.07.2017


Sub: Special Procedure for promptly clearing the Imports Cargo in wake of roll out of GST w.e.f 01st July, 2017.

Attention of all the officers in the jurisdiction of the Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House (JNCH) is invited to the need of smooth and prompt clearance of import cargo in the wake of roll out of GST  w.e.f. 1st July, 2017:

2. Along with roll out of GST w.e.f. 01.07.2017, Directorate of Systems has brought out a number of changes in ICES System in order to successfully implement the changes mandated by GST law requirements. Any issues arising out due to aforesaid changes are being taken up and being resolved promptly. However, there are certain instances where expeditious import clearance has been affected due to ICES (system) issues.

3. In this regard, in a meeting headed by the Chief Commissioner of Customs and attended by all commissioners, Addl. Commissioner/ joint commissioners, it has been decided that all groups/docks AC/DCs will facilitate clearance of goods promptly. In normal situation, where manual OOC is mandated, the permission is granted by the jurisdictional Commissioner of Customs. However, due to extensive changes in the systems during the roll out of GST, and ensuring that there is no delay in clearance of such goods due to system issues following decisions have been taken :

(i) Allowing manual OOC, wherever due to system issues, OOC is not possible in the ICES System, AC/DC, Import Examination are authorized to give manual OOC and put up such cases for post facto approval by the respective Commissioner subsequently. However, it will be responsibility of AC / DC Import examination to ensure that formalities of giving OOC is also completed in the ICES system, immediately after system issues are resolved.

(ii) In case of any delay in processing of Bill of entry due to system issues, AC/DC Group to allow manual payment of duty and subsequent manual OOC (clearance of goods). However, it will be responsibility of AC/DC Group to complete verification of self assessment in the ICES System and AC / DC Import examination to give OOC in the ICES system, immediately after system issues are resolved.

(iii) Further, any late charges due to delay in presentation of bill of entries due to any system issues, is waived off under second proviso to sub-section (3) of Section 46 of the Customs Act, 1962, till 07-07-2017. Concerned Group DC /AC will waive such charges. However, they need to maintain record for such Bills of entry in a register and submit the same before jurisdictional ADC /JC for formal post facto approval.

(iv) In case of double Duty payment, refund should be granted within 7 days without referring to EPO.

4. This order is effective till 07-07-2017, and situation will be reviewed again on following Monday and the decision about extension of date will be taken based on the stability of the ICES system by then.

5. All the Officers are hereby instructed to follow the above mentioned provisions scrupulously. Difficulties, if any, in this regard may be brought to the notice of the Addl. Commissioner, EDI through email (

Commissioner of Customs

Copy to:

1. The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II, JNCH for information.

2. The Commissioner of Customs, NS-G/ NS-II / NS-III/ NS-IV / NS-V, JNCH.

3. All Additional / Joint Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.

4. All Deputy / Assistant Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.

5. All Sections / Appraising Groups of NS-G, NS-I, NS-II / NS-III/ NS-IV / NS-V, JNCH.

6. The DC/EDI for uploading on the JNCH Website.

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