How To Register RCMC In DGFT Online

This article about The DGFT, who has now reported that compelling 1 April 2022, exporters will document a Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)/Registration Certificate on the Common Online Platform? The ongoing methodology of topping off the application structure exclusively to the approved Registering Authorities will be followed until 31 March 2022. All Registering Entities, as referenced in Appendix-2T, are expected to guarantee that they are recorded on the eRCMC gateway by 31 March 2022.

What is RCMC?

RCMC (Registration cum Membership Certificate) is a participation declaration that is given to a trading element assuming it registers itself under any of the Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board of India.
Trade Promotion Council and Commodity Board are associations perceived by the Central Government and designated the errand to advance products from our country. They embrace the following exercises for trade advancement:
  • Orchestrating exchange fairs in India as well as abroad, purchaser dealer meets, passing of live requests and tenders from unfamiliar clients to homegrown exporters.
  • Hand holding of new exporters and business people for all the commodity-related systems and documentation and propelling them to begin trades by giving item information.
  • Direction and help to existing exporters on the off chance that their discounts are stuck or some other trouble they might have.
  • They go about as a delegate between the trading local area and the Government.
  • They keep exporters refreshed with every one of the most recent changes in arrangements and warnings w.r.t DGFT, Customs, Ministry of Shipping, RBI, and so forth.
  • Some Export Promotion Councils are FIEO, APEDA, CHEMEXCIL, PHARMEXCIL, TEA BOARD, SPICES BOARD, EEPC, and so on. Each EPC focuses on sending out advancement of a specific area. For Example, APEDA cares for Agricultural Products, CHEMEXCIL takes care of the Chemicals area, and PHARMEXCIL takes care of the Pharma area.

1. The League of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) is the peak body of the multitude of EPCs in India.

2. RCMC enrollment can be conceded on a yearly premise, a two-yearly, or a five-yearly premise.

How To Register RCMC In DGFT Online

Why RCMC is Required?

RCMC is required for:

  • Claiming export incentives and subsidies under schemes like MEIS, RoSCTL, RoDTEP, SEIS, Advance License, EPCG, etc. RCMC is one of the mandatory documents required.
  • To get a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) under GST for the export of goods without payment of duty.
  • Merchant Exporters can procure goods meant for export from the manufacturer at 0.1% GST, instead of the regular GST applicable on the product. This facility is only available if the merchant exporter has an RCMC Certificate.

Is RCMC Mandatory for Export?

RCMC isn’t compulsory for trade. Nobody will hold your shipment on the off chance that you don’t have an RCMC Certificate (with the exemption of certain items). Be that as it may, remembering every one of the advantages related to an RCMC Certificate, it turns out to be basically obligatory to hold an RCMC for trade.

For the export of some products, it is mandatory to have an RCMC with their respective EPCs only, the list of all such products is as below:

1. Agricultural Products – Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)

2. Marine Products – The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)

3. Coffee Products–Coffee Board of India

4. Tea – Tea Board of India

5. Spice Products – Spices Board of India

6. Leather Products – Council For Leather Exports.

7. Jute Products– Jute Board of India.

8. Silk Products – Silk Board of India

9. Coconut Products – Coconut Board of India

10. Coir Products – Coir Board of India

11. Rubber Products – Rubber Board of India

12. Tobacco Products – Tobacco Board of India

Therefore, RCMC is not mandatory for products that are not listed above. However, we would recommend you get an RCMC Certificate if you are serious about your export business endeavors.

What is the Benefit of RCMC Registration?

Aside from every one of the advantages examined above, there is another significant advantage of getting an RCMC Certificate and that is:
The benefit under Market Development Assistance (MDA Scheme) and Market Access Initiative (MAI Scheme) – Under these plans, an exporter can get endowments and monetary help for their commodity advancement exercises like participating in shows abroad/exchange fairs/business designations/purchaser merchant meets coordinated by separate EPC. Appropriations might incorporate repayment of Flight Charges, Concessions on Stall Charges, and so forth. To be qualified for this advantage an exporter needs to hold an RCMC declaration for at least one year.

Introduction to Register RCMC in DFGT Online

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is India’s true body for import and product rules and arrangements.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade is shortened as DGFT. The DGFT is accountable for the nation’s rules and standards for the two shippers and exporters of products. There are numerous ways of finding out about DGFT, yet the most effective way is to take import to send out instructional classes. Fully intent on advancing India’s commodities, the DGFT forms and executes the Foreign Trade Policy. Through an organization of 24 local workplaces, the DGFT awards trade approvals and screens the commitments that accompany them. Join our commodity import preparing to more deeply study it and get everything rolling with your business. The DGFT carries out vital regulations, issues send out licenses, presents exchange motivating forces, and develops associations with different nations to increment trade.

How To Register RCMC In DGFT Online

Register for the New Portal RCMC in DGFT Online

You will need the following to access the Foreign Trade (DGFT) portal:

a) Access to a secure Internet network

b) Log in with a valid ID and password

Steps to Be Followed to Apply for RCMC on the DGFT Website Are as Follows

1. Go to the DGFT website and log in by entering your user ID, password, and captcha, then clicking the Login button to access the system.

2. Upon successful login, the home page will be displayed, along with basic dashboard details such as IEC Number, Valid, IEC Status, Authorizations Issued, and so on. In the left pane of the screen, you will see FYA Notifications.

Issuance of Registration-cum-Membership Certificates (RCMC) in DGFT

To gain access to the Common Digital Platform, the applicant will register as an Importer/Exporter on the DGFT website at Below are the steps to obtaining the RCMC from the DGFT website.

1. Go to

2. In the top right corner of the page, click the Login button.

3. Click the Login button after entering your Username, Password, and CAPTCHA Code.

4. Select Services > e-RCMC > Apply for e-RCMC.

5. You will be taken to a new screen. In any case, if you want to keep working on your Draft Application, choose and click on Continue with Existing Application.

6. A Dashboard with a username and Basic Details will be displayed

7. Whether or not the applicant’s profile has been updated, the system will ask for a declaration.

8. Choose the radio button, then select Save & Next to confirm that your profile has been updated.

9. Now, in the RCMC Details section, the applicant would

i. Please choose Export Promotion Council / Commodity Board and Fee Details from the drop-down options.

ii. To save the information, select Export Service or Product, then click Add.

iii. Select the Department Heads / Authorised Representatives / Contact Persons for the Councils and click Add Details to save.

iv. Under the Other Information section, select the desired countries to which your company exports and click the Save & Next button.

10. After you finish typing all the necessary details, you can move to the Attachment section, where you can attach your documents from your Computer folder. Upload your document by clicking on the attachment option and selecting Save & Next.

11. Go back to the Declaration section and read all of the Declaration Lines.

12. Tick on the Acceptance Declaration box, fill your Place on Place Box, and then Save & Next.

13. Under Application Summary, the system would display the completed application as well as any uploaded documents. Now you can move ahead with the signing procedure by clicking on the Sign button.

14. Then, select Payment for Registration-cum Membership Certificate Issuance

15. Before clicking on the submit button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway.

16. Clicking the Submit button Applicant will see the Payment Response Page with the Transaction ID, then click Submit once more.

17. Following successful payment, the applicant will receive an e-Payment receipt.

Import Export Code Registration

An import send-out code is an extraordinary 10-digit code that is expected for each import/trade entrepreneur in India. The code is given by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce, and needs no documenting or reestablishment. IEC is expected by merchants to clear traditions and shipment and to move cash to unfamiliar banks. Exporters require their IEC to send shipments and get cash from unfamiliar banks. So, no merchant/exporter can work in India without getting the IEC.

Documents Required

The documents required for an IEC registration are relatively easy to get together. Only a few documents are required, which are listed below.

  • PAN Card of the company (not applicable in the case of the proprietor)
  • Applicant’s PAN and Aadhaar card (driving license/Aadhaar/voter ID)
  • Incorporation certificate/partnership deed
  • Address proof (electricity bill/rent agreement/sale deed of the office location)
  • Copy of canceled cheque leaf/banker certificate of the current account in the name of the company.

How to Register for an IEC

To get your import export license online, you will need to do the following simple IEC registration steps.

  • Step 1: All the required documents, including bank details and DSC, have to be submitted
  • Step 2:The online IEC application form will be filed with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
  • Step 3: Once the documents and application are verified by the authorities, the import-export code will be granted as a soft copy to the entity.

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