PUBLIC NOTICE No. 43  (RE-01)/ 1997-2002

NEW DELHI, the  19th  October ,2001

In exercise of powers conferred under Paragraph 4.11 of the Export and Import Policy 1997-2002, as notified in the Gazette of India extraordinary, Part-II Section 3, Sub section (ii) vide S.O. No.283(E) dated 31.03.1997, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendment in Handbook (Vol 1).(RE-01), 1997-2002.

1)      The following sentence is added at the end of para 7.40.

“ However under the same/ one  day licencing scheme  being implemented by the regional licencing authorities, a manual DEPB application would be restricted to 10 shipping bills.”

2)      Para 10.10 (c) is amended to read as under:

“ The benefits of deemed exports under the provisions of para 10.2 (f) of the Exim Policy 1997-2002, would be granted for the supplies of Goods specified in List 19 , covered under categories specified in S.No  247, 249 and 250 in Customs Notification No . 17/2001 dated 01.03.2001 (read with conditions nos. 49, 51 and 52 of the said notification), required in connection with petroleum operations undertaken under Petroleum Exploration Licences or mining leases as the case may be, issued or renewed after 01.04.1999 and granted by the Government of India or any State Government to the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation or Oil India Limited on nomination basis, and petroleum operations undertaken under specified contracts including those under New Exploration Licencing Policy, shall be regarded as “Deemed Export” under the said policy, provided the goods are manufactured in India, and shall be eligible for deemed export benefits given under para 10.3 of the Policy.”

3)      Sl.No. A(ii) of the sub-heading “Documents to be enclosed with the application form” under Appendix 17 pertaining to the “APPLICATION FORM FOR CLAIMING DUTY DRAWBACK ON ALL INDUSTRY RATES/FIXATION OF DRAWBACK RATES/REFUND OF TED” is amended to read as:

A(ii)     Supply invoices certified by Project Authority/self certified or Excise Attested Invoices.  In case of 100% EOUs/EPZ/STP/EHTP units, a complete AR-3A/ supply invoice certified by the bond officer is to be furnished.

4)      A column is added to the table in Appendix 25A pertaining to the “Bank Certificate of Payments for Domestic Supplies” as under:

Date of issue of this Certificate

5)      The following amendments shall be made in Appendix 28 A which pertains to the DEPB rate list

An additional note is added under the Product Group “Textiles” as under:

“ Wherever a value cap has been imposed against a DEPB entry under the Textiles Product Group, the description of the said entry shall be  deemed to include those with embroidery and/or with metallised yarn.”

6)      (a)  The name of ‘SGS India Ltd.’ appearing at Sl.No. 22 of Appendix 32A and Sl.No. A(8) of Appendix 32B is amended to read as  ‘SGS India Private Limited.’

(b)  The following is added at the end of List A of Appendix 32 B pertaining to the list of  IS/ ISO 9000 (Series) Certification Agencies.

  1. Chamber Certification Assessment Services Limited

C 701, Mayur Appt, Sector 9,

Rohini, Delhi 110085

Tel No: 7864272

7)   The following correction is made in Appendix 41 pertaining to the “ Norms of Scrap/ Waste material for an export product under EOU’s and units in EPZ’s” .

S.No Goods Manufactured Imported Goods used % scrap or waste of imported goods
107 Silk Fabrics Mulberry raw silk/ Dupion yarn 35%

This issues in public interest.


Director General of Foreign Trade

Copy to all concerned,

By orders etc.

(Bipin Menon)

Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade

(File No: 01/94/180/051/AM02/PCIV)

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