PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 29(RE-99)/1997-2002

NEW DELHI: 1st September, 1999

In exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 4.11 of the Export and Import Policy, 1997-2002, as notified in the Gazette of India extraordinary, Part-II- Section 3 – Sub- section (ii) vide S.O No. 283(E) dated 31.3.97, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendment in the Handbook of Procedures (Vol.1) (RE-99), 1997-2002.

1. The following shall be added as an agency in Appendix- 51B under the heading “New Delhi” in the list of agencies authorised to issue Certificate of Origin-Non preferential.

5. Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association,

602, Vikram Tower,

16 Rajendra Place,

New Delhi-110008

2. The following may be added as paragraph 6.8B:

” The applicants have the option to apply for EPCG licence to the competent authority on the basis of self declaration subject to final fixation of nexus by Hqrs EPCG Committee as per the financial power given in the table under paragraph 6.8A. The applicant shall give an undertaking that in case the Hqrs. EPCG Committee disallows the capital goods, he will pay Customs duty together with 24% interest on such capital goods. This facility shall be in addition to the provision given in paragraph 6.8.

3. The first sentence of paragraph 10.15 (iv) shall be amended to read as under:

“Where no All Industry Rate of Drawback is available or the same is less than 4/5th of the duties paid on the materials or components issued in the production or manufacturer of the said goods, the exporter may apply for fixation of brand rate in the form given at Appendix-17 to the Director General of Foreign Trade with a copy to the Licensing Authority concerned”

4. The following shall be added as paragraph 7 and 8 in Public Notice No. 5(RE-99)/1997-2002 dated 6.4.99.



In cases where the applicant wish to apply for extension in export obligation period prior to 31.3.2001 and submits a Bank Guarantee which may not be valid upto 31.3.2002, such cases may also be considered for extension provided the Bank Guarantee is valid for a period exceeding the export obligation period applied for by six months. In such cases it may be specifically endorsed on the licences that the applicant shall not be entitled for further extension.



In cases where the Bank Guarantee already executed is valid upto 31.3.2002 and Bank Guarantee covers the Customs duty in proportion to the unfulfilled export obligation together 24% interest, no new Bank Guarantee shall be asked for. The applicant shall furnish a proof from the Customs authorities/licensing authorities that Bank Guarantee already executed covers the same.

5. The last sentence of paragraph 9.3(a) may be amended to read as under:

If the unit is having outstanding export commitment under Advance Licensing scheme, it will discharge the same as per its condition before conversion into EOU/EPZ scheme.

6. The following shall be added at the end of paragraph 7.25(iv):

“Alternatively, the license holder shall furnish original copy of AR3A duly signed by 100% EOU/EPZ unit and their jurisdictional Excise Authorities certifying the item of supply, its quantity, value and date of such supply.

7. The following shall be added at the end of first para of paragraph 13.2:

“The service exporters (except software service exporters) including Service Export House, International Service Export House, International Star Service Export House, International Super Star Service Export House shall be required to obtain RCMC from FIEO”

8. The following amendment shall be made in Appendix- 28A.

a. The description of export product given in S.No. 571 of Product Group: Engineering shall be amended to read as “Bronze/Gun Metal Impellers for pumps, all type”.

b. The DEPB rate for the export product mentioned at S.No.539 of Product Group: Engineering shall be amended to read as 10%.

c. The description of export product mentioned at S.No.128 of Product Group: Engineering shall be amended to read as “Seamless/Butt welded/steel pipe fittings made from seamless/ERW steel tubes”.

This issues in public interest.



Director General of Foreign Trade

Copy to all concerned,

By orders etc.

(Ajay Sahai)

Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade


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