(To be published in The Gazette of India Extraordinary Part-I-Section-1)

Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi.

Public Notice No. 28 /2009-2014 (RE- 2013)

New Delhi, the 25th September, 2013

Subject: Amendment in Paragraph 3.8.3 of the Handbook of Procedures, Vol. 1 (for Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme).

In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendment in paragraph 3.8.3 of the Handbook of Procedures Vol. I 2009-14 with immediate effect:

2. Sub para (e) and (f) are added at the end of para 3.8.3 of HBP v1 as under:

“(e) Claims with growth in excess of the value and percentage specified under paragraph 3.14.4(c) (i) and (ii) and paragraph 3.14.5 (c) (i) and (ii) of FTP, will be subjected to greater scrutiny by Regional Authority. Such scrutiny of the claim will require the following documents:

(i) Calling for evidence of manufacture / purchase of export goods i.e. excise return /sales tax returns or any other evidence.

(ii) Checking exports of company from whom goods have been purchased i.e. whether such company had done export in previous 2 years and quantum of exports in previous 2 years and quantum of exports in current year.

(iii) Calling for any other evidence to justify export growth and consequent entitlement of Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme.

(f) The provisions mentioned in paragraph 3.8.3 of HBP v1 relating to procedure for Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme, will also be applicable to claims filed under paragraph 3.14.5 of FTP i.e. for the year 2013-14. The applications in this case can be filed after 1st April, 2014. Last date for filing application will be as per para 3.11.9 of HBP v1 and late cut provisions of para 9.3 of HBP v1 2009-14 will be applicable.”

3. The ANF 3F which was annexed to Public Notice No. 13 (RE 2013) dated 17.5.2013 will also be applicable for filing claims under Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme for the period 2013-14 vis a vis 2012-13 with corresponding changes in the period of export. Format of ANF 3F with this revision (claims for the period 2013-14 vis a vis 2012-13) is annexed to this Public Notice.

Effect of Public Notice: Claims beyond a particular level would require greater and more intensive scrutiny. A list of indicative documents for such scrutiny has been given.

(Anup K. Pujari)

Director General of Foreign Trade

E-mail: dgft@nic.in

(F. No. 01/61/180/188/AM13/PC-3)

Annexure to Public Notice No. 28 dated 25 .09.2013.


For Incremental Export Incentivisation Scheme applications

(for exports during 1st April, 2013 – 31st March 2014 vis-a-vis 1st April, 2012 -31st March 2013)

(Please note that export shipments from all EDI ports can be filed in one application while for export shipments from each Non-EDI ports, separate application is required to be filed. Such applications have to be filed in same RA.)

1. Applicant Details [Company /firm]
I. IEC Number
ii. Name
iii. Address
House Number/Site Number/Block Number: _______________________________________
Locality/Street Detail/Area Detail: _______________________________________________
District Detail:_______________________________________________________________
Indicate State and PIN Code ___________________________________________________
iv. Telephone
telephone no:
v. Email id. ________________@ _______________
Alternate email id:_________________@ __________________

2. Export Performance [ only in US dollar]

2A: Exports during FY 2011-12


2B: (If 2A is ‘Zero’, the firm is not eligible to claim the Incremental Export Benefit for the period 2013-14 vis-à-vis 2012-13)
Export during FY 2012-13


Export during FY 2013-14


Incremental growth

absolute terms in US$


In % terms

3. Export Eligibility (To eligible destinations i.e. USA, Europe & Asia, 53 Latin American and African countries) – detailed list is inserted at the end which is part of the form)*

2012-13 (1st Apr 2012-31st
March 2013)
2013-14 (1st Apr 2013-31st March 2014)
Incremental growth
Entitlement @ 2%
in US Dollar
In Rupees
This is for reference

4. Port of Registration (for purpose of Imports):

5. In case, split certificates are required, then please indicate number of Split Certificates required (in multiples of Rs 5 lakhs each):


1. I hereby declare that particulars and statements made in this application are true and correct and nothing has been concealed or held therefrom. I fully understand that any information furnished in application if found incorrect or false will render my firm / company and me liable for any penal action or other consequences as may be prescribed under FTDR Act or under any other law or otherwise warranted.

Place: ________________
Telephone No. _______________(Personal)
Signature: __________________________
Date: _________________
e-mail: _____________________(personal)
Name: _____________________________
Documents to be submitted
Designation: ________________________
CA Certificate certifying the exports for 2012-13 and 2013-14 to specified markets. CA will also certify incremental exports for each quarter as per annexure to ANF 3F
Telephone No. ____________________(Official)
e-mail: __________________________(Official)

* List of countries in the eligible destinations:

Destination Destination (Europe) Destination (Asia)
USA (i) Albania

(ii) Andorra

(iii) Armenia

(iv) Austria

(v) Azerbaijan

(vi) Belarus

(vii) Belgium

(viii) Bosnia & Herzegovina

(ix) Bulgaria

(x) Croatia

(xi) Cyprus

(xii) Czech republic

(xiii) Denmark

(xiv) Estonia

(xv) Finland

(xvi) France

(xvii) Georgia

(xviii) Germany

(xix) Greece

(xx) Hungary

(xxi) Iceland

(xxii) Ireland

(xxiii) Italy

(xxiv) Kosovo

(xxv) Latvia

(xxvi) Liechtenstein

(xxvii) Lithuania

(xxviii) Luxembourg

(xxix) Macedonia

(xxx) Malta

(xxxi) Moldova

(xxxii) Monaco

(xxxiii) Montenegro

(xxxiv) The Netherlands

(xxxv) Norway

(xxxvi) Poland

(xxxvii) Portugal

(xxxviii) Romania

(xxxix) Russia

(xl) San Marino

(xli) Serbia

(xlii) Slovakia

(xliii) Slovenia

(xliv) Spain

(xlv) Sweden

(xlvi) Switzerland

(xlvii) Turkey

(xlviii) Ukraine

(xlix) United Kingdom

(l) Vatican City (Holy See)

(i) Afghanistan

(ii) Bahrain

(iii) Bangladesh

(iv) Bhutan

(v) Brunei

(vi) Cambodia

(vii) China

(viii) East Timor

(ix) Indonesia

(x) Iran

(xi) Iraq

(xii) Israel

(xiii) Japan

(xiv) Jordan

(xv) Kazakhstan

(xvi) Korea North

(xvii) Korea South

(xviii) Kuwait

(xix) Kyrgyzstan

(xx) Laos

(xxi) Lebanon

(xxii) Malaysia

(xxiii) Maldives

(xxiv) Mongolia

(xxv) Myanmar (Burma)

(xxvi) Nepal

(xxvii) Oman

(xxviii) Pakistan

(xxix) Palestine

(xxx) The Philippines

(xxxi) Qatar

(xxxii) Saudi Arabia

(xxxiii) Sri Lanka

(xxxiv) Syria

(xxxv) Taiwan

(xxxvi) Tajikistan

(xxxvii) Thailand

(xxxviii) Turkmenistan

(xxxix) Uzbekistan

(xl) Vietnam

(xli) Yemen

For Information only

Not to be submitted to RA

*List of 53 eligible countries in destination Latin America and Africa:

African Countries: Latin American Countries:
1. Botswana

2. Burkina Faso

3. Burundi

4. C Africa REP

5. Canary IS

6. Cape Verde IS

7. Chad

8. Comoros

9. Equatorial Guinea

10. Gabon

11. Gambia

12. Guinea Bissau

13. Lesotho

14. Mali

15. Mauritania

16. Namibia

17. Niger

18. Reunion

19. Rwanda

20. Sao Tome

21. Seychelles

22. St. Helena

23. Swaziland

1. Antigua

2. Barbados

3. Belize

4. Bermuda

5. Bolivia

6. BR Virgin IS

7. Cayman IS

8. Costa Rica

9. Cuba

10. Dominica

11. EL Salvador

12. FR Guiana

13. Grenada

14. Guadeloupe

15. Guyana

16. Haiti

17. Jamaica

18. Martinique

19. Netherland Antilles

20. Nicaragua

21. Paraguay

22. ST Kitts N A

23. ST Lucia

24. ST Vincent

25. Suriname

26. Trinidad

27. Turks C IS

28. Virgin IS US

29. Montserrat

30. Falkland IS

For Information only

Not to be submitted to RA


(Annexure needs to be certified by a Chartered Accountant)

1. Details of export made during the period 1st Apr 2012-31st March 2013

S No
SB no
SB date
Date of Let Export
BRC date
Destination country
ITC(HS) code
Item Description
FOB Value in free foreign exchange
(Inclusive of commission)
Exchange Rate on date of let export
FOB Value
(in Rs)

2. Details of export made during the period 1st Apr. 2013-31st March 2014

S No SB no SB date Date of Let Export BRC No BRC date Destination country ITC(HS) code Item Description
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
FOB Value in free foreign exchange
(Inclusive of commission)
Exchange Rate on date of let export
FOB Value
(in Rs)
Incremental growth 2(10) – 1(10)
( in US $)
Incremental growth 2(12) – 1(12)
(in Rupees)
Entitlement (2%)(without cut)
(in Rupees)
Cut applicable (if any)
(in %)
(in Rupees)

Signature of applicant:____­­­________________

Name: _________________________________

Designation :____________________________

Address, Tel no &email____________________


Date: _________________________________

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