Policy Circular No. 4/2009-2014 (RE 2012)  , Dated:  8th August, 2013

Subject:Procedures relating to filing of application to obtain Status Recognition Certificate / Nominated  Agency Certificate.

 RAs / Development Commissioners are following different practices while issuing Status Recognition Certificate / Nominated Agency Certificate in case of IEC holders having both DTA units as well as SEZ Units.  Para 4A.4 of FTP read with para 4A.35 of HBP, empowers only the concerned RAs (as authorised under Appendix 1A), to grant the Nominated Agency Certificate, whereas both, the concerned RA or the concerned DC of SEZ may issue Status Recognition Certificate.

 2.   To bring greater clarity into the matter and also to have uniform and harmonious practice by RAs and Development Commissioners, a tabular chart has been provided below:



Issuing /renewing Authority  for  Status Recognition Certificate Issuing / Renewing Authority for Nominated Agency Certificate
1. IEC holder having DTA unit as well as SEZ/EOU unit R A concerned

As per Appendix 1

RA concerned

As per Appendix 1A

2. IEC holder having SEZ/EOU unit only DC concerned

As per Appendix 1

No such Certificate for such applicants.
3. IEC holder having DTA unit only RA concerned

As per Appendix 1

RA concerned

As per Appendix 1A

  3.   Existing Status Recognition Certificates and Nominated Agency Certificates that have been issued already shall not be withdrawn, irrespective of whether it has been issued by concerned RA or DC.  After the expiry of validity period of existing certificates, it can be renewed only as per the authority indicated in Para 2 above.

   (Jaikant Singh)

Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade

Telephone No.: 23062968

e-mail: [email protected]

(Issued from File No.01/94/180/426/AM13/PC-4)

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