Government  of  India

Ministry  of  Commerce &  Industry

Department  of  Commerce
Directorate  General  of  Foreign  Trade

 Policy Circular No. 08 (RE-2006)/2004-09       

Dated: 6th  June,  2006

Subject:  Certificate of Origin (Non-preferential) issued to exporters by agencies listed  in Appendix 4-C of Hand Book of Procedure Vol.I-information in Col. 2 of  the  Certificate.
Attention    is invited   to    Para    2.21.2 of  the  Hand  Book of  Procedure  and   to the  Certificate  of  Origin  ( Non-Preferential)  being  issued  by  Agencies  who are  listed  in  Appendic-4-C  of the  HBP Vol.I.

2.  The  Trade and industry  have  represented  that   while  applying  for  Certificate of Origin (NP)  to  an  Agency  listed in Appendix  4-C,    at  present,   they  have  to  provide  the   entire   details  of    the buyer  abroad    in Col.2  of the    Certificate  and  only then  the  certificate  is  signed  by  the   authorized   agency.    By  disclosing  the   address  of the   buyer  abroad  and  the   details of   product  being  exported,   etc,   the  confidential   and   sensitive  business information     becomes  public.

3.  In order  to address the above difficulty being  faced    at  present by  exporters,  it   has  been  decided    that  exporters    making    an  application  to  authorized    Agencies      for issue of  Certificate of  Origin  (NP),  may  leave Column  No. 2  of the  Certificate  blank  and  this  column  may  be  filled up    after  the  same  is  certified  and  signed    by the  authorized  Agency competent   to issue  such  a  Certificate.

This  issues  with  the  approval of   competent  authority.


Joint Director  General of Foreign Trade

(issued  from F. No.1/94/180/116/AM-07/Pol-I )

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