Public Notice No.  41/(RE-2010)2009-2014, Dated: the   18th March,   2011

Subject:- MODIFICATION OF SION C-514 under Engineering Product Group.

In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14, the following amendment is made in the Handbook of Procedure Vol. II (as stated in paragraph 1.1 of Vol. I):

SION S.No.C-514  of the Product Group “Engineering Product”

(Product Code: C)

Export Items:

Existing description: Non-Alloy Steel Bars & Rods (including rounds, flats, hexagons, octagons, wire rods, cold twisted deformed bars, thermomechanically treated reinforcing bars etc.) Angles, shapes and sections (including beam, joists, channels, special profiles etc.), Plates/  Sheets / Strips/Wide coils, Blooms / Billets / Slabs/ Ingots…… 1000 kgs

Modified description: Non-Alloy Steel Ingots/Blooms / Billets / Slabs…1000 kgs.

Import Items:

Sr. No. Items Existing Norms Modified Norms
Major Inputs
1. Non-alloy steel melting scrap, pig iron, cast iron, sponge iron including Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) 1200 kg 1115 kg
2. Low silica limestone 95 kg 95 kg
3. Silico Manganese/ Ferro Silicon / Ferro Manganese 15 kg 15 kg
4. Petroleum Coke/ Graphite Powder 5 kg 4 kg
5. Aluminium Scrap /Ingots / Shots/ Powder in Cored Wire 1 kg 1kg
6. Calcium silicide lump/powder in  Cored Wire 1 kg 1 kg
7. Lead shots/ powder in Cored wire (in case export product is lead bearing free cutting steel only) 2.5 kg 2.5 kg
8. Copper Scrap / Copper Cathode /Copper Wire Bar/ Copper Rod

(if Copper present in Export Pr.)

0.04 kg 0.04 kg
Consumables/Misc. Inputs
9. Graphite Electrode

(Only for units with EAF)

6 kg 4 kg
10. Copper Lined Moulds for Continuous Casting 0.019 kg 0.01 kg
11. Shear Blades / Saw Blades 0.1 kg 0.01 kg
12. Ceramic Coated Lancing Pipe/Oxygen lancing pipe (only for units with EAF) 0.75 kg 0.75 kg

Sr. No. Items Existing Norms Modified Norms
13. Temperature Tips 0.022 kg 0.50 nos.
14 Sampler Tips 0.25 nos. 0.25 nos.
15 Casting powder/ Anti-piping compound 2 kg 1 kg
16. Cast Iron/Steel Rolls/ tungsten carbide rings for rolling mill (to be allowed only when export product is rolled billets/ blooms/ slabs) 1.77 kg 1.77 kg
17. a) Shaped refractories (Fired/ Unfired)  





10 kg

5 Kg
b) Monolithic Refractories (incl. Castables/Ramming Mass/Gunning mixes 4 kg
c) Speciality Refractories namely, CC refractory(shrouds,  monoblock stoppers, SE Nozzles), Slide Gate Refractory, Porous Plug, Zircon/Zirconia Nozzles and Tundish Nozzles, seat blocks, sleeves. 1 Kg
Energy sources and lubricants
18. Furnace Oil (for units with CPP) 70 kg 70 kg
19. Lubricants (only for units with CPP) 0.65 kg 0.60 kg
20. Furnace Oil for Ladle/Tundish Heating 6 kg 4 kg
21. Furnace oil for oil fired reheating furnace in rolling mill (to be allowed only when export product is rolled billets/ blooms/ slabs) 50 kg 30 kg


1). These norms will be applicable only if the export product is manufactured through Electric Arc Furnace route/Induction Furnace route using steel scrap as basic raw material.

2). Sl. 16 & 21 will be allowed only in case of export of rolled billets/blooms/slabs,

3). In case of export of rolled blooms/billets/slabs, produced out of ingots, refractory items under sl. 17 shall not be allowed.

4). Against export of ingots, import items at Sl. 10, 11, 16 & 21 shall not be allowed.

5). When export product has been manufactured through electric induction furnace route, import item No. 9 & 12 will not be allowed.

6). The item non alloy steel melting scrap will be allowed as per the definition given in section XV of Customs Tariff.

7). Individual quantity of Pig/cast iron, and sponge iron/ HBI shall not exceed 20% and 65% respectively of the total quantity of items to be permitted under import item No. 1.

Effect of this modification: There has been a change in the description of export product. On the input side the number of inputs have not changed, but quantity permitted in respect of some inputs have been reduced.


( Anup K. Pujari)

Director General of Foreign Trade

E-mail:[email protected]

( Issued from F. No. 01/81/162/670/AM’11/DES-II)

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