F.No. 01 / 92/ 180 / 7 / AM.99/





Policy Circular No. 36 (RE-98)/97-02 ,

Dated, the 4st September, 1998


1. All Licensing Authorities
2. All Custom Authorities
3. Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation,

Export Promotion Councils / Commodity Boards,

Subject : Issue of Special Import Licences -Furnishing of documents.

Representations / references have been received in this office, with regard to furnishing of documents prescribed under Handbook of Procedures, 1997-2002, along with applications for issue of special import licence, under Paragraph 11.11 of Handbook of Procedures (Vol.1), 1997-2002. As per the documents prescribed under Appendix 20-B, applicant is required to submit E.P. copy of the Shipping Bill (in original) and Bank Certificate of exports (in original) as given in Appendix 25 also.

However, the exporters of newspapers and periodicals are facing problems and are not able to get SIL even after satisfying the eligibility criteria of Paragraph 11.11 of Handbook of Procedures (Vol.1), because such exporters are granted permission by Reserve Bank of India to export their publications without completing G.R. formalities and / or by post parcel without completing PP form formalities.

The matter has been examined in this office. It is clarified that in the case of exports of newspapers and periodicals where a copy of Reserve Bank of India permission granting the waiver of GR / PP form formalities is given, submission of shipping bill may not be insisted upon and instead of shipping bill, copy of permission from R.B.I. as stated above, should be taken.

It is also clarified that where remittances have been received directly by money / postal orders, there the following details should be submitted.

a. Foreign Money Orders

i. Name of countries from where received.
ii. Amount in rupees
iii. Name of paying post office
iv. Date of payment.
a. Foreign Postal Orders
i. No. of the Postal Orders
ii. Name of the country of its issue
iii. Name of the Post Office at which encashed

Date of encashment.
This issues with the approval of D.G.F.T.
( L. B. Singhal )

Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade

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