NEW DELHI, the 2nd JUNE 1998

POLICY CIRCULAR NO. 10 (RE-98)/98-99

All Port Officers.

Subject:- Export of Manufactured Articles/Shavings of Shed Antlers of Sambhar and Chital during 1998-99.

Attention is invited to the entry at Sl. No. 17(ii) of Schedule 2 Appendix 1 of the book titled “ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items 1997-2002” on the above mentioned subject.

2. It has been decided to allow the export of Manufactured Articles/Shavings of Shed Antlers of Chital and Sambhar within the following prescribed ceiling during the period 1997-98.

Sr. No. Name of the Port Manufactured


1. Jt. DGFT, MUMBAI 94 MT 140 MT
2. Jt. DGFT, Calcutta 2 MT 5 MT
3. Jt. DGFT, CHENNAI 17 MT 30 MT
4. Jt. DGFT, CLA, New Delhi 7 MT 5 MT
Total : 120 MT 180 MT

3. The Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and New Delhi will grant Export Licences to the eligible exporters in terms of the procedures as mentioned below:-

i. The licensing office to whom the ceiling has been allotted will notify the ceiling available for allotment to the prospective exporters through a Trade Notice under intimation to this office.

ii. Prospective exporters will submit their application in the form given in Appendix 18A of the Hand Book of Procedures, 1997-2002, Vol. I within 30 days from the date of issue of the Trade Notice by the Regional Licensing Authorities in a sealed cover containing therein the quantity applied for and the unit price of export. Each exporter shall be allowed to submit only one application alongwith a declaration to the effect that no application has been submitted to any other licensing authority during the same licensing period.

iii. An eligible exporter will be allowed a ceiling not exceeding 10% of the available ceiling. However this condition may be relaxed if there are no takers for the ceiling.

iv. Prospective exporters will submit:-

a. Legal Procurement Certificate issued by the concerned Chief Wild Life Warden or the authorised officers under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 or the Jammu & Kashimir Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1978.

b. Each export consignment alongwith the related documents will be subject to pre-shipment inspection and verification by the Regional Dy. Director, Wild Life, Preservation, Deptt. of Forests & Wildlife, Govt. of India, where necessary permit/certificate of Management Authority in India (Director)/Wildlife Preservation, Department of Forests & Wildlife, Govt. of India under the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) shall also have to be obtained.

c. The exporter will have to give a declaration that the articles are not made out of pouches/killed Sambhar/Chital.

4. It shall be the endeavour of the exporters to whom the ceiling is allocated to export the quantity in full. In the event of the exporters unable to export the quantity allotted to them, they will surrender the unshipped quantity failing which such exporters will be debarred from getting any further ceiling of this item.

5. The Export Licences granted shall remain valid upto 31.03.1999.

6. A quarterly statement showing the names of the exporters, quantity allowed for export, FOB value and port of destination may please be sent to the Ministry of Commerce (EP-Agri.III) with a copy to Director of Statistics of this office.

7. As soon as the ceiling is exhausted, this fact may be reported to the Ministry of Commerce (EP-Agri.III) with a copy to this office.

(Ashutosh Mishra)

Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade

For Director General of Foreign Trade

(Issued from F. No. 01/91/110/00015/99/PC.III)

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