PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 85/2009-14,  DATED: 23rd July 2010

In exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-2014, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby  makes the following amendments,  in the  Handbook of Procedures (vol.1) 2009-2014:-

1. Attention is invited to the Public Notice No. 54/2009-14 dated 8.4.2010 regarding the SHIS Scheme. In the ANF3E, the following note is added at the end.

“Note 1: In cases where the application is filed before realization of export proceeds, Declaration No. 5 of ANF3E does not apply. However, the monitoring of realization of export proceed shall be carried out in terms of Paras 3.11.12 & 3.11.13 of HBPv1.”

This issues in public interest.



Director General of Foreign Trade

Ex-officio Special Secretary to Government of India

(Issued from F.No.01/91/180/1846/AM10/PC-3)

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