PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 74/2009-2014, NEW DELHI: DATED: 08/06/2010

Subject:  Amendment of SION A-1667

In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14 and Paragraph 1.1 of the Handbook of Procedures (Vol.1), the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendments/corrections in the Handbook of Procedures, Vol.II, 2009-2014, as amended from time to time.

2.  In the statement of Standard Input Output Norms (SION) as contained in the Handbook of Procedures (Vol.II), 2009-2014, as amended from time to time, amendments/corrections are made against SION entry at A-1667 as mentioned in ANNEXURE “A” to this Public Notice.

This issues in public interest.

(R. S. Gujral)

Director General of Foreign Trade and

ex-officio Special Secretary to the Government of India

(Issued from F. No. 01/87/171/00001/AM11/DES-VII)

ANNEXURE “A” to Public Notice No.  74/2009-2014

Dated:   08.06.2010

Automobile Tyres reinforced with Nylon tyre-cord Warp-sheet or rayon tyre cord warp-sheet 100 kg 1 (a)     Natural Rubber 44 kg
1 (b)     Synthetic Rubber (PBR/SBR – 1502/1712/1723/1783) 8.6 kg
1 (c)     V.P.Latices 0.4 kg
2.          Carbon Black 23 kg
3.      Nylon/ Tyre Yarn/ Cord/ Warp Sheet/Fabric(both dipped and undipped) 13 kg
4.          Bead wire 4 kg
5.          Pigments/ chemicals the following :-

(a)           Rubber chemicals (Antioxidants, Acelerator, Antiozonant, Retarders and Peptizers). (Import of antioxidants however, shall not exceed 1 kg for each 2 kgs of Rubber chemicals allowed)

(b)          Zinc oxide

(c)           All other Miscellaneous materials/ chemicals viz., microcrystalline wax, paraffin wax, pigments and softeners, stearic acid solvents, plasticisers synthetic resins, bonding/ coupling agents, activatorsand fillers Dip Chemicals (excluding resorcinol) mould release agents, tackifiers and catalysts and syloff

(d)          Resorcinol

(e)           Insoluble Sulphur

2.00 kg

2.00 kg

7.40 kg

0.10 kg

0.50 kg

6.     Furnace Oil/ L.S.H.S. 23.8 Litres
Note: 1. In case of Bus/Truck Tyres, out of the total quantity 8.6 kgs. the quantity of SBR allowed is up to 3 kgs (maximum) and the quantity of PBR allowed is 5.6 kgs.

2. The above norm is also applicable for Tubeless Tyres with Natural Rubber Inner Liner.
3. If the firm import Dipped fabric, items allowed for dipping i.e. Resorcinol and V.P. Latex shall not be allowed but a weight of 0.61 kg may be added.

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