Government of India

Department of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi-110011

Policy Circular No. 45 ( RE-2008)/2004-2009

Dated: 4th December, 2008


All Regional Authorities;

All Commissioners of Customs;

All Exporters

Subject:- Clarification on export of “ Military Stores”- regarding

Instances have come to notice where export of apparently ‘Military Stores’ have been allowed by Customs field formations without ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the Department of Defence Production.

2. Table A (S. No. 4) of Schedule II of ITC(HS) Classification of Export & Import items, 2004-09 lays down the policy for export of ‘military stores’ i.e. a No Objection Certificate from Department of Defence Production (MoD) is required except in respect of goods as specified at Export Licensing Note 1 which are freely exportable without No Objection Certificate.

3. Keeping in view the above, it is reiterated that no export of goods, which are apparently in the nature of ‘Military Stores’ may be allowed without No Objection Certificate from Department of Defence Production, by all units including EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP units.

4. This issues with the approval of DGFT.

( Anil Aggarwal)

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

( Issued from File No. 01/91/110/236/AM08/PC.III)
Copy for information to:-

1) Director (CBEC), North Block, N. Delhi.

2) Joint Secretary (X), Ministry of Defence, Deptt. of Defence Production, New Delhi-11 D. O. No. 10(2)/03-D(EPC) dated 7.11.08

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