Circular No. 11/2000-Cus

F.NO. 450/24/2000-Cus-IV
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise & Customs

New Delhi, the 18th, February, 2000

Subject: Misdeclaration — rice consignments to be checked

      It has come to the notice of the Board that some importers are misdeclaring the first class (Unbroken) rice as broken rice in order to import under OGL. It has also been reported that some importers have imported the rice at a price of Rs. 17 per kg., which suggests the possibility of such mis-declaration.

    To prevent such mis-declaration in future, the Board has decided that all consignments of rice should be opened and examined to detect/prevent any mis-declaratoin of consignments not conforming to OGL standard i.e. mininum 50% broken rice.

   You are, therefore, requested to issue suitable standing instructions to field officers. Any difficulty in implementation may be intimated to the Board.

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