F. No.450/19/2005-Cus.IV

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Excise and Customs


New Delhi dated 16th September, 2013


All Chief Commissioners of Customs.

All Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise.

All Commissioners of Customs.

All Commissioners of Customs / Central Excise.


Attention is invited to Board Circular No. 14/2009 – Cus dated 06.05.2009 which provides that Customs field formations should verify whether the export goods packed with raw or solid wood packaging material comply with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM No. 15) or are accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate with the treatment endorsed issued by the agencies which are accredited/certified by DAC. This was reiterated vide Board Circular No. 13/2011 – Cus dated 28-02-2011.

2. Despite explicit provisions, it has been reported that in a number of export consignments have been found non compliant by other Customs administrations especially European Union on the ground of non-adherence/infringement of phytosanitary standards prescribed therein. Ministry of Agriculture has repeatedly expressed concerns over increasing number of such cases and desired remedial action be taken to check export of consignments not meeting required phytosanitary specifications i.e. ISPM – 15.

3. Board has taken a serious note of it and reiterates that no export consignments packed with raw or solid wood packaging material shall be allowed clearance which is found deficient on meeting phytosanitary requirements ISPM – 15.

4. All Chief Commissioners of Central Excise and Customs should ensure that the instruction aforementioned is complied with scrupulously. Non compliance on the part of officers sahall be viewed seriously.

Yours faithfully,


Under Secretary to the Government of India (Cus.IV.)

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