Circular No. 55/ 97- Cus.
dated 23/ 10/ 97
F.No. 609/ 228/ 97-DBK (AIU)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi

Subejct : Duty Drawback on Exports-Revision of All Industry Rates of Drawback

    In continuation of Circular No. 31/ 97-Cus dated 17th Oct., 1997,  on the above subject, the Govt. have further decided that the exporters may be allowed to file supplementary claims for the exports covered under the Serial / Sub-Serial Nos. 52.03, 60.02, 61.01, 61.02, 62.01, 62.02, 62.11, 63.06, 63.061, 63.09 and 63.11 specified in the Notification No. 53/ 97-Cus (N.T.) dated 17th Oct., 1997 in the form of a letter from the exporters declaring the details of the exports port-wise effected earlier as follows :-

(i)    Name of the Exporter with address.

(ii)    Shipping Bill No. and the date

(iii)    Serial/ Sub-Serial No. of Drawback Table with reference to which above Shipping Bill is filed.

(iv)    The drawback amount obtained earlier with relevant receipt or challan No. and date (whether provisional or final).

(v)    Difference claimed

   A letter containing the above details with a declaration by the exporter to pay/ adjust the amount in the event of his receiving an amount in excess of what is due, may be accepted as a supplementary claim in such cases and amount paid if the claim is otherwise in order.

  Further, in the Circular No. 51/ 97-Cus dated 17.10.97, the Serial/ Sub-Serial No. 63.61 shall be added, while the Serial/ Sub-Serial No. 63.61 be read as 63.061.

Sd /-
(Sandeep Ahuja)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

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