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GST applicable on Supervision Charges by UP Power Corporation

July 19, 2024 81 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the AAR Uttar Pradesh ruling on GST applicability for supervision charges versus the cost of materials and execution in electricity line installations.

Classification & GST on Non-Edible Neem Oil: AAR Uttar Pradesh

July 19, 2024 72 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the classification of non-edible neem oil under GST, its HSN code, and the impact of Notification No. 09/2022-Central Tax. Detailed ruling and implications discussed.

Taxation of Vouchers as Supply of Goods and Time of Supply Under GST

July 19, 2024 81 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the GST AAR Uttar Pradesh ruling on Payline Technology Pvt Ltd regarding the taxability and rate of vouchers. Key insights on voucher transactions and GST.

GST Applicability on Supervision Fees for MVVNL Projects

June 1, 2024 219 Views 0 comment Print

Clarification on GST applicability for MVVNL’s supervision fees in customer-arranged installations as per the Uttar Pradesh GST AAR ruling.

Sleeping Bag Mk4 Large: HSN 9404 30 90, 12% GST Apply

June 1, 2024 282 Views 0 comment Print

Delve into the GST ruling on Sleeping Bag Mk4 Large by Sureka International in Uttar Pradesh. Learn about the tax rate clarification under GST for this product.

GST Ruling on Taxability of Residential Units in Saviour Park Phase IV

June 1, 2024 396 Views 0 comment Print

Get insights into the GST ruling on whether the sale of residential units in Saviour Park Phase IV after deemed completion or first occupation is taxable or exempt. Find out the implications and dates for GST exemption.

GST on Transfer of Leasehold Rights, Upfront Premium & ITC Eligibility

February 13, 2024 6816 Views 0 comment Print

Clarification on GST for transferring leasehold rights, including upfront premium taxability and ITC eligibility, as ruled by AAR Uttar Pradesh.

Transfer of Leasehold Rights and GST on Noida Authority Allotted Land

February 13, 2024 1080 Views 0 comment Print

In re Fena Private Limited (AAR Uttar Pradesh) The Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR), Uttar Pradesh, examined the case of Fena Private Limited concerning the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implications on the transfer of leasehold rights of land allotted by the Noida Authority. The primary questions revolved around whether such a transfer constitutes a […]

Correct HSN Code and GST Rate for Sterilization Reels and Pouches

February 13, 2024 726 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the correct HSN code and GST rate for sterilization reels and pouches as ruled in the case of Rups Medipack Private Limited by the GST AAR Uttar Pradesh.

E-Rickshaw GST Rate Advance Ruling application Withdrawn: AAR Update

February 13, 2024 429 Views 0 comment Print

Bestway Agencies Pvt. Ltd. withdrew its AAR application on e-rickshaw GST rates following a CBIC clarification, rendering the request infructuous.

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