Mumbai BJP Professional Cell


Date: 24/04/2021

Smt Nirmala Sitharaman Ma’am
Hon’ble Union Minister for Finance
New Delhi

Shri Anuragsingh Thakur ji
Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Finance
New Delhi

Sub: Request to extend Return filing/compliances dates falling under  various laws in April-2021, and/or for waiver of penalty/ interest for late filing /compliances

Respected Ma’am,

We appreciate you for partially considering request of ours as well as of other Individuals of the nation who had requested for extending various deadlines and your prompt action regarding the same will definitely help the people at large in this period of Covid-19.

But I would like to draw your attention towards our letter and mail dated April 14, 2021 (Letter attached for your quick reference named as Attachment 1).

The extension provided by you has its majority aspects benefitting the Department for their deadlines and not to the common individuals at large.

We request you to go through our letter once again and extend the necessary deadlines especially for GST, Income Tax, Companies Act, etc. on an urgent basis to enable the free flow of work and to lessen the hardships of Individuals and other Professional members.

We are also attaching a list of items that the tax payers, business community and NGOs expect from the Central Government amidst this Covid 2.0 period, requesting you to kindly go through the same and consider those requests for benefitting the Tax Payers and other Individuals at large. (Attachment 2)


CA Shailesh R Ghedia
President:Mumbai BJP Professional Cell
Mobile: 9869437888

Cc to:

Shri Devendra Fadnavis ji ,
Leader of Opposition,
Maha Legislative Assembly.

Shri Arunsingh ji ,
National Gen Secretary,
BJP, New Delhi

Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha ji,
MLA President:Mumbai BJP

Shri Gopal Shetty ji,
Member of Parliament

Shri Manoj Kotak ji,
Member of Parliament

Smt. Poonam Mahajan ji,
Member of Parliament


Mumbai BJP Professional Cell


Date: 14th April 2021

Smt Nirmala Sitharaman Ma’am
Hon’ble Union Minister for Finance
New Delhi

Shri Anuragsingh Thakur ji
Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Finance
New Delhi

Sub: Request to Extend Return Filing/compliances dates, as falling under various Laws in April 2021, and/or for waiver of penalty/ interest for late filing /compliances

Respected Sir,

Due to major lockdown, as declared since 04.4.2021, and complete lockdown on 10 & 11 April, 2021,and fr 14 April,2021, business activities in Maharashtra have become standstill and have suffered a major setback. Your goodness will appreciate that all the businesses are not falling under the category of ‘essential services’ and closure of non-essential businesses is not only creating pressure on financial side but also the compliances, filing etc.

For instance, your attention is drawn that filing of GSTR1 was obstructed and similarly there are back to back compliances and filings due in April 2021 and it is utmost difficult to comply with so many laws of State and Central in such uncertain time of lockdown and restrictions of operations.

Further, since, strict lockdown is declared, we request you to extend due dates of return filing/ compliances as falling in April,2021. Government should also waive penalty/interest due to consequential delay in filing compliances under GST Act, Income Tax Act, Professional Tax, EPF, ESIC, Companies Acts and other laws.

We believe that you will understand the pain of various small and medium enterprises, professionals and shop keepers. We look forward to hear from you positively.

Best Regards

CA Shailesh R Ghedia
President:Mumbai BJP Professional Cell
Mobile: 9869437888

Cc to: Shri Devendra Fadnavis ji
Leader of Opposition,
Maha Legislative Assembly.

Shri Arunsingh ji
National Gen Secretary, BJP, New Delhi

Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha ji, MLA
President:Mumbai BJP.


What tax payers, business community and NGOs expect from the Central Government amidst Covid 2.0?

Post dated 24.04.2021

I\IO. Item Date extension Matters for  consideration
1 Belated and Revised IT returns of Asst Year  2020 -21 From 31.03.2021 to 30.06.2021 Pandemic situation  prevailing in  March  2021 and IT portal malfunctioning on 31.03.2021


GSTR 9 / 9C of year ended 31,03.2020 From 31.03.2021 to 30.06.2021 Pandemic situation prevailing in March 2021
3 GST returns of March, April and May 2021 Please postpone to a date after 30.06.2021 Pandemic situation  prevaillng
4 TDS for the QE 31.03.2021 Postpone payment of TDS and Filing of returns by one month each Pandemic situation  prevailing
5 Filing SFT returns under Income Tax From 31” may to 31″ July 2021 Pandemic situation  prevailing
6 IT returns of Asst Year 2021 -22 July 31 September 30, 2021 October 31 – January Belated / revised  filing up to June 30, 2022 Pandemic situation  prevailing
7 FCRA registrations falling due for renewal this year Please grant automatic renewal for one year Pandemic situation prevailing and delay in getting account  opened In New Delhi Main Branch of  State Bank of India
8 Re registration of NGOs under IT taw (12AB, 80G,  10 (23C) Please grant automatic renewal for one year Pandemic situation  prevailing
9 Company AGM due dates Please extend from 30.09.2021 to 31.12.2021 Pandemic situation  prevailing
10 Company /  LLP fresh start scheme Re introduce up to 31.01.2022 Pandemic situation  prevailing
In addition to the above

  • Please reduce TDS rates as done last year
  • Please introduce some GST amnesty scheme to settle pending cases
  • Please waive off late fee u/s 234E and 234F (for AY: 2020-21
  • and 2021-22)
  • Please waive of interest u/s 234C (For AY 2021-22 and AY 2022-23

Download Full Text of letter alongwith Annexure 1 & II

More Under Corporate Law


  1. Devendra Patel says:

    No hope of extending TDS payment from this govt. We do not hope from this hopeless government. Only taxpayers are liable to pay tax. Govt. is not helping in this COVID time. We do not want discount of tax , we want only extension of time.

  2. Vinay Ka t Shukls says:

    Sir Madam
    I request eith Honpurable Finance Minister and other companion to extend the time for submitting the Form 15 G and Form 15 H under the Income Tax Act before the Banks and Financial Institutions in respect of savings and depoits with the Banks You portfolio has extend the time for same till June last year.such extension of time will not cause any har or financial iloss to the authorties.Rather it will reduce the over crowding at the public places and specially in the Banks where there is extra work load .lesser bank staff due to covid 19 suffferings or typhpid or viral fewer the effected person has complsive corontine at home.and the public in large is also suffering with same causr..the extension of time will definitely help to the public in large reduce the over crowdin in the banks and at public pla e as well as on roads .Hope ypu will consider the request in public interest
    Thanks for Anticipation.ypur Sincerely
    Vinay Kant Shukla
    I may be infor abput ypur decision in above issur.


    Respected Sir/Madam,

    Relief COVID-19-2

    Request To All # – Government of India – Ministry of Finance -GST Council – #GSTAmnestySchemewithITC and Removal of GST-4 Annual Return 2019-20 CD

    Kindly Extend All the GST Returns, IT, MCA. More than 208 Days Waiting.

    Waiver All the GST Late Fees.
    Save All.

    GST Portal , GST Netwok Failure

    More Indifference Between Income Tax and GST

    Income Tax Penalty Rs.1000/-

    GST Late Fees Transaction Dealers Above Rs.100000/-

    Nil Return Dealers ( No Business ) Above Rs.50000/-

    SAVE All India Tax Payers, Tax Professionals, GSTPs.


    Extend All.

    GST Tax Rs.1000/- GST Late Fees Rs.100000/-

    Without Business GST Late Fees Rs.50000/-

    How to Possible Continue Small Traders, Small Tax Professionals Survival ….

    Ground Level Problems and All the Genuine Tax Payers and Genuine Tax Professionals Only Affected…

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    Every Month More than 1 Lakhs Tax Professionals, GSTPs, Efficiently Workings More Lakhs of Crores GST Revenues Collected.

    After 2017 To 2021

    Govt of India Without Support All India Tax Professionals, Tax Payers, MSMEs.

    Our Profession, Life ??? Family ???

    Relief COVID-19 1& 2

    Reopen – Cancelled GSTIN.

    Request To All # – Government of India -Ministry of Finance – GST Council -Kindly Extend All the GST Returns, IT, MCA upto Six (6) Months.. Removal of GST-4 Annual Return 2019-20. #GstAmnestyWithITC

    Waiver All GST Late Fees.

    Kindly Issue GSTPs Certificate (Goods and Services Tax Practitioners) in GST Portal. Kindly Allow EVC Facilities in the GSTPs Login. All Over India All the GSTPs Certificates Not Issued, Waiting For 3 Years.

    GST Council Meeting…

    Kindly Relief GST Late Fees

    Kind Attention CBIC – Relief Covid-19 1 & 2.

    India – After GST – 2017

    All Our Freedom and Holidays , Festival Days, Destroyed by GST Portal, CBIC.

    CBIC Fixed Due Dates on Sunday Holidays and Festival Holidays. Rigid Approach. All the Employees Not Available, Banks Closed, Shops Closed.

    How To Filing ???

    Relief COVID-19 1 & 2..

    All Over India All the Tax Professionals, All the GSTPs, National Federation of Tax Practitioners, and All the States Federation of Tax Practitioners, Trade Associations Representation to Government of India – Ministry of Finance – GST Council – CBIC.

    19-04-2021 Monday Rediffmail Email OTP Not Received. All the GST Filing Return Pending. Due to GST Network and GST Portal Failure

    Kindly Solve the Problems.

    After 2017 To 2021 GST Portal and GST Network Server Problems Continued.

    All Over India All Tax Professionals, GSTPs, Faced Problems.

    Government of India – Ministry of Finance – CBIC -GST – 2019 Gaja Cyclone, Nivar Cyclone, Covid-19, 6 Months Completed. 7 Month ……

    Already More Losses, More Problems.

    Kindly Waiver All GST Late Fees.

    More Holidays, Bank Holidays April 21.

    02.04.2021 Good Friday
    06-04-2021 Election 2021
    10-04-21 2nd Saturday
    11-04-21 Sunday Holiday
    13-04-21 Telegu New Year
    14-04-21 Tamil New Year
    24-04-21 4th Saturday
    25-04-21 Sunday Holiday 2021

    Request To All # – Distance – and Extension GST – Relief Covid-19.

    GST, GST Portal and GST Filing Returns and Reconciliation Very Complicated.and
    More Dangerous. Future GST Return Filing ???

    Tax Profession ???

    All India Tax Professionals ???

    Every Day Changes … Dangerous…

    Relief COVID-19….

    All are Human Being. Pray to God -Save People. Save Tax Professionals, GSTPs, Tax Payers, MSMEs.

    One Nation One Tax More Forms More GST Late Fees.
    Destroyed Tax Professionals, Tax Payers

    Tamilnadu State and Other States Unique Identification.
    Culture, Language, Business, Standard of Living, Architecture, Temples. People, Etc

    GST Portal, GST Network 2017 To 2021 More Server Problems, OOPs, E-Payment Problems.

    Relief Covid-19

    All Over India All GSTPs, Tax Professionals, Tax Payers, MSMEs Faced Financial Problems, Difficulties.

    More GST Late Fees.

    Kindly Extend All the GST Returns..

    GST Portal and GST Network 2017 To 2021 Continuous Server Problems, OOPs, Without User Friendly.

    More GST Late Fees. Without Satisfaction.

    Kindly Change GST Portal and GST Network
    More Pressure, Health Problems For All India Tax Professionals, GSTPs. Tax Payers.

    More GST Late Fees and Poor GST Portal and GST Network.

    Without Extension…..

    All the Small Traders ??? and Tax Professionals ??? MSMEs ???

    Tax Profession ???

    Save Indian Tax Profession…

    Waiver All the GST Late Fees and Other Late Fees…

    Kindly Extend All…

    GST New Registration Entry Free. GST Cancellation Exit GSTR -10 Final Return GST Late Fees Rs.10000/- (CGST Rs.5000/- + SGST Rs.5000/- )

    Kindly Waiver All GST Late Fees.

    Thanking You

    Yours Faithfully

    R Ramesh M.Com GSTP

    Date : 26-04-2021

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