In India, societies aiming at charitable activities can be legally registered under The Society Registration Act, 1860. This act fosters literature, fine arts, science, and awareness distribution. This article explores the registration process and annual return obligations for societies in Haryana.

Introduction (Bird’s Eye View)


An association of several individuals who combined together for usually achieving the purpose of advancement of charitable activities like sports, music, culture, religion, art, education, etc it will be deemed as a society.

In India, a society can be registered as a legal entity via following eh procedure mentioned under The Society Registration Act, 1860 which lays down certain procedures for the sake of society registration & operation

This act was implemented with the purpose of augmenting the legal stipulations of society registration for the advancement of literature, fine arts, science or distribution of awareness for bountiful purposes.


First & Oldest Form Of Not-For-Profit-Organisation

 Regulated As Per Indian Trust Act, 1882

 Formed With Minimum 2 Individuals , No Statutory Requirement For Annual Return/ Documents Filling

 Difficult To Wind Up As Trust Are Generally Irrevocable But Can Be Wound Up According To The Trust Deed.

Comparative Analysis


  • Trust is governed by the Indian Trust Act, 1882
  • One Man Control i.e., settlor / founder trustee / board of trustees
  • At least 2 trustees are required to register a public charitable trust In general. Indian citizens serve as trustees, although there is no prohibition against non-natural legal persons or foreigners serving in this capacity
  • Applicable to whole of over India no matter from which state trust deed belongs
  • There are no requirement for any annual compliances
  • Societies are governed by the Societies Registration Act 1860. Many states, however, have variants on the Act
  • Decisions are made by voting power
  • Minimum Seven members are required for formation of state level society and 8 members in case different states members are involved
  • In case society is formed within particular state with 7 or more members then within that particulars state it is applicable, for all over India with different state 8 or more members has to be present
  • Societies must file annually, list of names, occupations and address of the managing committee members.

Procedure For Registration Upon Approval of Name


  • Copy of Resolution for the formation of Society.
  • Memorandum of Society
  • Bye-laws of the Society
  • List of Members of the society along with full address
  • Copy of Resolution of the Society Authorizing the undersigned to submit this Application.
  • Land Proof/Rent
  • Deed/NOC from the owner for Registered office of the Society.
  • Adequate Land Proof of having legal competence and lawful control in case of religious /public place
District RegistrarFee/ Charges to be
paid to get the service : Rs. 2700/- (Head of Account 1475- 51-200-99-51)Name Valid Upto
180 Days from the
Date Of Approval
Of Name
1) The applicant shall create a login ID for submitting online application along with required scanned copy of documents for Registration of Society.

2) The online application submitted will go to the login ID of concerned District Registrar and he/she will forward it to the dealing official (Industrial Extension Officer/Assistant) for verification.

3) The dealing official (Industrial Extension Officer/ Assistant) will check the application and documents in his/her login ID. If any discrepancy is found in the application/documents, the case will be put onhold with intimation to the applicant.

4) The applicant will revert to onhold application and submit the requisite information within 15 days failing which the application shall liable to be rejected.

5) Dealing official (Industrial Extension officer/ Assistant) will check the resubmitted application/ documents and forward the same to the District Registrar with his/her comments for approval/ rejection.

6) District Registrar will check the application/ documents and finally approve it if the same is found complete.

7) After approval, the Registration Certificate will be issued online to the applicant.

Online Service for Society

Mandatory Annual Returns Filing Under Societies Act, 2012

Every society shall file the following returns:

1. List of the members duly certified by the President and the Secretary.

2. List of the members of the Collegium duly certified by the President and the Secretary, along with the list of electoral colleges.

3. List of the office-bearers along with their names, addresses and occupations.

4. An annual report on the working of the Society by the Governing Body duly certified by the President and Secretary.

5. Copy each of the balance-sheet, receipt expenditure statement and the auditor’s report duly certified by the auditor.

6. A copy of the special resolution, as and when passed.

Model Memorandum

Other Key Important Points

Important Points

Steps FOR Society Registration In Haryana


Society Registration is a simple enough process that allows the societies under it to avail several benefits and help promote literature, knowledge, education and other charitable activities. Governed by the Society Registration Act, the societies are provided with a well-put outline to do so.

Hence, it is evident from the above discussion that there is no specific criteria that one must follow but sincerely follow their society objectives.


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