Provident Fund scheme was started by few concerns even before the enactment of the act. The government in 1952 framed this act for the benefit and welfare of the employees. This act is applicable to employees drawing pay not more than Rs. 6,500 pm but at the time of registration the same employee pay should not exceed Rs. 5,000.

For registration, a employer has to get these documents ready (to be submitted by an employer along with one or more of the documents mentioned below for obtaining Code Number):

1. Name of the establishment/factory and address.

2. Details of Head Office and branches with address.

3. Details of Code No. if any allotted to the Head Office.

4. Date of Incorporation/Set up (Please furnish any one of the documents mentioned overleaf in support of the proof of date of set up of the est./factory)

5. Employment Strength

(i) At present:

(ii)Month wise employment strength from the date of set up may be furnished in separate statement:

6. Nature of business activity/ manufacturing activity:

7. Details of legal set up of the establishment (Please mention whether it is an incorporated Private or Public Limited Company, Society, Partnership or Proprietary concern) :

8. Details of the employers/ownership particulars etc. (Names, Designation and Addresses of Managing Director, Directors, Partners, Secretary etc. to be furnished) :

9. Wages disbursed for the month:

10. Details of Bankers: (Including Bank Branches & Account Number (s).)

11. Income Tax Permanent A/c. No.

12. Details of employees are furnished below:-

S. No. Name of the employee Father’s Name Date of Joining Wages (basic + D.A. &             Cash Value of food concession)

In case you have more than 21 employees the above information in respect of the other employees may be added in a separate sheet of paper in the same format continuing the serial number. )

11. Details of bank draft amounting to the contribution. Name of the Bank & and administrative charges paid in respect of the above Branch employees. (Rate of Contribution at present is 12% by employer and employees+ 0.5% towards E.D.L.I. . Draft No. & Date contribution and 1.15% towards administrative charges)


The details furnished above are correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. It is clearly understood that we are liable for coverage from a date antecedent to the date of set up furnished above in the event of furnishing of false information.



Essential Document(s) to be submitted (For other than a proprietary concern)

1. A copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association and the certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies, in the case of Public and Private Ltd. Companies.

2. A copy of partnership deed in the case of partnerships.

3. A copy of Registration certificate issued by the Registrar of Co-operative societies.

4. A copy of Registration certificate issued by Registrar in the case of societies registered under Societies Registration Act along with a copy of the objects and Rules of the Society.

5. Partition deeds creating HUF.

6. Any agreement or other legal documents in the case of Association of persons as defined in the Income Tax Act.

A list of documents which can be submitted as a proof of date of set up :- (Any one of these documents has to be submitted)

1. First Sales Invoice.

2. Any proof regarding date of trial production.

3. Incorporation Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies together with the report of the Managing Director to the Shareholders in the Annual Report.

4. Commencement of Business Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies.

5. Certificate of Registration issued by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

6. Certificate of Registration issued under Societies Registration Act.

7. Certificate issued by Reserve Bank of India registering newly set up and non-banking financial companies.

8. License issued by the Health Authorities.

9. License/permission issued by the Municipal/Corporation Authorities. 10. Permission/approval granted by the appropriate State Govt. Authorities in the case of Educational Institutions.

11. Certificate issued by the Fire Authorities in the case of establishments coming under Explosives Act.

12. First assessment order issued by the Sales Tax Authorities.

13. First assessment order issued by the Income Tax Authorities.

14. Certificate issued by the Small Scale Industries authorities registering the establishment.

15. Reports/returns to Central Excise authorities.

16. Sanction/connection of power like H.T. connection, L.T. connection etc.

17. Any other Certificate issued by any authority under any law for the time being in force prior to the commencement of business activity/manufacturing activity.

The above list is not exhaustive and is only illustrative. Any one or more of the above documents may be submitted along with your application for allotment of a Code Number.

These documents have to be taken to respective EPF office which can be found on

Download Form to Apply for Registration

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  1. Jagdish Panchal says:

    Respected sir,

    I am working at eductional trust. I am working as Store Keeper. My salary is

    Rs.13000/- pm. My age is 66 years. My managment ask me for EPF. They

    tell me 24% of salary deposit every month in EPF. So please tell me in this age I can

    join ?

    Please answer as soon as possoble.

    Thanking you,

    Your’s faithfully,

    Jagdish Panchal

  2. waseem says:

    We have private Ltd company and now we have more than 20 employees and and 5 or 6 contractors with 50 workers engaged in construction of building. How to register

  3. waseem says:

    We have private Ltd company and now we have more than 20 employees and and 5 or 6 contractors with 50 workers engaged in construction of building.

  4. Rajanikanth says:

    What is procedure for register with PF authority of educational inistitution which is claimed exemption under section 10 (23c) as non profit.

  5. shakil ahamad says:


    i necessary required the employees provident fund registration certificate in kota dist. (rajasthan).but now our organisation work not are start for start the work necessary EPF registretion certificate .how can apply this and minimum members should be or registretion fee mention also

  6. sada says:

    i am proprietor of a firm,which i registered in 2005,at that time i had only two employees,and till last month i had 12 employees, now the the no has crossed to 24, please guide me to register for epf, what docs should i submit

  7. RAVISH says:

    Dear Sir,

    What is the minimum number of employees, an establishment should have to register for EPF. Because, few of the EPF offices in Karnataka are refusing to register the firms saying that, minimum 20 members should be there in the organisation. Can u please clarify

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