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Item No. 10


CS (OS) 3457/2015

PWI   Statement of Shri Arun Jaitley, recalled for further cross-examination after 06.03.2017.

On S.A.

XXXXX by Shri Ram Jethmalani, Sr. Advocate for defendant no.1.

I know Mr. Bishan Singh Bedi. I am aware that he was the captain of Indian Cricket Team. I have no personal animosity against Mr. Bishan Singh Bedi but I cannot say whether he has any animosity against me. (Volunteered. I do recollect that he once he contested the DDCA President election against me and lost. He also  actively campaigned against me in the Lok Sabha elections). By Lok Sabha election, I mean the election for the seat of Amritsar. It is correct that it was for the first time, I contested election for Lok Sabha from Amritsar after my student period elections.

Question No. 1: Are you aware that I advised Mr. Narender Modi not to set you up as a candidate from the Amritsar seat?

Court Observation: Question disallowed as irrelevant.

Question No. 3: Can you assign any serious reason for which Mr. Bishan Singh Bedi made a complaint against you with the Prime Minister?

Answer:After he lost the election against me, the Association of which I was the President, had appointed him as the Chief Coach of the Delhi Team for a period of three years. His appointment could not continue beyond that period. Nonetheless, I always continued to maintain the due courtesies that he deserved as an eminent cricketer.

I do not recollect if the Prime Minister had shown me the letter addressed to him by Mr. Bishan Singh Bedi against me. (Volunteered. In any case by the time the present Prime Minister was sworn in office I had already severed my links both with the DDCA and BCCI). I do not recollect if I have read that letter as of now.

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    pls keep continue providing this type of material. It is not only very interesting it also enlighten many. A face-off between two great.

    I like the way in which Mr. Arun Jaitely has reverted.

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