The Union Cabinet has decided to amend the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 to streamline the age-old processes and to address certain issues governed by the Print Media Policy and the guidelines/rules.

The main features of the proposed Bill are as under-

(a)      The new title would be Press and Registration of Books and Publications (PRBP) Act, 2010;

(b)       Many new definitions such as ‘publications’, ‘newspapers’, ‘magazines’, ‘journals’, ‘newsletter’, etc. would be inserted;

(c)      Internet edition of newspapers to be covered under the Act;

(d)      Those convicted of terrorist acts or anything done against the security of the State would be prevented from bringing out a publication;

(e)      Detailed provisions for verification of a title;

(f)      Provisions to prevent blocking of titles to discourage non-serious publishers;

(g)      Making statutory provision for circulation verification;

(h)      Provisions   with   respect   to   limits   on   foreign   news   content  (syndication) and foreign investments;

(i)       Filing of annual statements by publishers to be made compulsory.

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