Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccination
at Work Places (Private)/Housing Societies

1. Background:

a. Gov. of India has launched the COVID-19 vaccination program from 16.01.2021 and from 01.05.2021; it has been extended for the age group of 18 years and above.

b. A substantial proportion of population aged between 45-59 years (in some cases upto 65 years) is in the organized sector of the economy. They are involved informal occupation in offices (private), in manufacturing and services etc.

c. COVID-19 vaccination sessions may be organized at Work Places (Industrial establishment and other)/ Housing  Societies having sufficient number of Willing beneficiaries to facilitate optimal utilization of vaccine dosage and reduce wastage for COVID-19 vaccination.

2. Necessity of this Policy:

It is necessary and inevitable to expand the available numbers of CVCs/PCVCs to cater to the large population which is eligible as per the new directives, especially in the cities like Mumbai. This is also necessary and unavoidable to ensure swift vaccination before the 3rd wave of Covid-19 hits the city.-This policy there fore liberises the current practices/permissions without compromising on the safety aspect. The on us and responsibilities of the PCVC shall be increased; at the same time they shall get faster and easy permissions to take up the work of vaccination.

3. Identification of Work Places/ Housing Societies/Residential Complexes for COVID-19 vaccination:

a. Vaccination at work place/housing societies can be carried out by registered Private Covid Vaccination Centres.

b. Work Place management/Housing Society Management shall designate one of their senior staff to work as “Nodal Officer” to coordinate with private COVID Vaccination Centres (PCVCs) for support vaccination activities.

c. The Nodal Officer shall oversee and facilitate all aspects of vaccination at Work Place CVC/Housing Society like registration of beneficiaries, availability of physical and IT infrastructure and oversight to vaccination etc.

4. Identification of Eligible and willing Beneficiaries at Work Places/Housing Societies

a. Employees, family members, society residents, maid, drivers etc. 18 years or more shall be eligible for vaccination.

b. Beneficiaries must be registered in Co-WIN portal prior to vaccination. PCVC Nodal Officer shall ensure registration of all targeted beneficiaries.

c. In case of workplace-on-the spot registration shall also be available to only to employees (The family members of employees must be registered in Co-WIN portal prior to vaccination.

5. Registration, Linkages of work place/Housing Societies in Co-WIN

a. All the registered PCVCs on Co-WIN portal can have linkages With all such Work Place/Housing Society for vaccination.

b. One PCVC can have linkages with one or more Work Places or housing societies.

c. The information of all such linked work places/Housing Societies to be informed to Local Health Authority (respective MOH) & EPI department at F South.

d. The name of Work Place shall be recorded in Co-WIN as full name and not as abbreviation to have clarity.

e. In case of Housing Societies and work place, there is no need to record the housing society The housing society and work place shall act as a Sub-center of PCVC. (Housing Society)

f. The Nodal Officer of PCVC shall ensure:

    • The availability of three rooms as waiting, vaccination and observation rooms at Work Place/Housing Society CVC.
    • Minimum eligible number of registered beneficiaries (Multiples of 10) and sessions can be planned in advance for optimal utilization of vaccine dosage and reduce wastage.
    • The availability of trained staff (data entry operators, verifiers, vaccinators), procurement of vaccines & other required logistics (Annexure) at the workplace/housing Society
    • The availability of Ambulance at the vaccination site and shall identify & have linkages with near by health facility for management of AEFI.
    • All the registered PCVCs shall ensure storage & transport of vaccine in cold chain at the PCVC & at the vaccination site.

g. Each of the PCVC shall have one registration on Cowin App as parental PCVC and one registration as workplace PCVC. The Co-operative Housing Societies and workplace vaccination shall be done through workplace registration.

6. Engaging health in frastructure and health care workers of Work Place CVC

a. Some of the WorkPlaces may have health infrastructure inform of hospitals, health clinics, nursing centers etc. This infrastructure may be utilized to set-up vaccination site in case sufficient space for waiting, vaccination and observation rooms are available.

b. The health care workers of this health infrastructure of the Work Place (such as doctors, nurses and other staff) may be trained & deployed for the COVID-19 vaccination activities at work place.

c. In case of Housing Society, the PCVC in-charge shall deploy trained staff of PCVC as vaccination team members at Housing Society or at workplace CVC.

d. The PCVC engaged inCOVID-19 vaccination activities shall follow the same SOPs for vaccination and reporting including management and reporting of AEFIs.

7. Deployment of Vaccination team at Work Place/Housing Society CVC

a. The PCVC shall deploy the trained vaccination team at private Work Places/Housing Society.

b. The management of Work Place/Housing Society shall be responsible for arranging adequate rooms/space for vaccination (waiting room, vaccination room and observation room)

c. Each team shall consist of:

    • Team leader (necessarily a doctor),
    • Vaccinator(authorized to give injections),
    • Vaccination Officer-1 to work as verifier to work on Co-WIN
    • Vaccination officers-2 & 3 for crowd management and AEFI

8. AEFI management:

a. The PCVC shall ensure:

      • Deployment of Medical Officer at all Work Place /Housing Society as supervisor/team leader.
      • All Work Place/Housing Society have anaphylaxis kit for management of any adverse event and shall be linked to the nearest Health Facility (AEFI Management Centre).
      • Deployment of a basic life support (BLS) ambulance at the Work Place/Housing Society and shall be utilized for shifting beneficiaries to the linked AEFI management center if required.

9. Vaccination at Work Place/Housing Society:

a. PCVC In charge shall ensure One type of vaccine at such sessions that are conducted at the Work Places/Housing Society. This is necessary to avoid mixing of vaccine types in 1st and 2nd dose of a beneficiary.

b. PCVC nodal person must ensure that there is no interchangeability of vaccine of 1st dose and 2″d Those who have received same vaccine as first dose can take second dose at the Work Place/Housing Society after the appropriate interval as decided by GOI.

c. The full list of beneficiaries, as available in Co-WIN, shall be visible to all verifiers and vaccinators, option of on-the-spot registration shall be available only for workplace.

d. Verification shall be done by Verifier (Vaccination Officer-1) preferably using Aadhar, In case Aadhar authentication is not possible for any reason, the Verifier shall verify the identity and eligibility of the beneficiary from the photo ID card indicated by the beneficiary at the time of registration.

e. Apart from Aadhar, other IDs approved by the MoHFW are: EPIC, 2. Passport, 3. Drivinglicense, 4. PAN Card, 5. Smart Card issued by RGI under NPR, 6. Pension Document with Photograph.

f. If the identity and eligibility of a beneficiary is established upon verification, the beneficiary shall be vaccinated and his/her vaccination status shall be updated, else the beneficiary shall not be vaccinated.

g. All Vaccination must be recorded in real time through the Co-WIN Vaccinator Module on the same day.

h. The digital vaccination certificate of the beneficiary shall be generated through Co-WIN; PCVC Nodal Person shall be responsible for providing a printed copy of the vaccination certificate, both after 1st and 2nd doses, to the beneficiary, on site after vaccination.

i. Operational guidelines and standard operating procedure for COVID-19 vaccination are available at

10. Monitoring of vaccination at Work Place/ Housing Society CVCs:

a. The In-charge of In charges PCVCs with which the Work Place/Housing Society are tagged for COVID-19 vaccination shall review site preparedness and other preparatory activities prior to vaccination.

b. MOH of respective ward shall visit as and when required to check for:

    • Adherence to standard operating procedures for vaccination including verification of beneficiaries to ensure only eligible beneficiaries are vaccinated
    • Training status of human resources
    • AEFI management.

11. Financial Guidelines for Vaccination at Work Places:

a. COVID 19 vaccination organized by private CVC would be on payment basis. The payment per vaccine dose charges to be decided mutually by the PCVC & work place and Housing Society.

As elaborated in the Sr. No. 2 in this policy, the PCVC shall follow these guidelines in letter & spirit to achieve maximum vaccination targets in least possible time without relaxing any safety norms.

These guidelines will come into force with immediate effect.

(I. C. Chahal)
Municipal Commissioner

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