Mumbai court has admitted a criminal defamation complaint filed by Venkataramanan, one of the trustees of Tata Trusts against former Tata Group Chairman, Cyrus Mistry, wherein he has demanded a compensation of Rs. 500 crore from Cyrus Mistry for making a defamatory statement against him.

According to Compliant, Mistry had tried to damage his reputation by sending an email to the directors and trustees of Tata Group, contained details of some fraudulent transactions worth Rs. 22 crore involving some parties in India and Singapore and accused – Venkataramanan was tried to cover it up, which was not true. Thereafter, that particular e-mail found its way to the media and caused harm to his reputation.

 On aggrieved by action of Mistry, he preferred to file a complaint under Indian Penal Code, wherein he demanded a compensation of Rs. 500 crore from Cyrus Mistry for damaging his reputation. The Court charged him to face prosecution under IPC and directed him to appear before it on 24 August, 2017.

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