ORDER [F.NO. 5/15/2005-IGC/CS]

DATED 8-6-2011

A Committee comprising of following is appointed with the approval of competent authority, on framing of National Competition Policy and related matters: –

1.  Shri Dhanendra Kumar, Chairman

2.  Shri Sudhir Mital, Additional Secretary, MCA

3.  Shri Pradeep S. Mehta, Secretary General, CUTS International

4.  Shri Pallavi Shroff, Expert Advocate, Amarchand Mangaldas

2. The Terms of Reference of the Committee shall be –

(a)  Framing of a National Competition Policy

(b)  Strategy for competition advocacy with Government and private sector

(c)  Changes required in Competition Act for fine tuning it and

(d)  Any other matter related to competition issues.

3. The term of the Committee shall be for a period of six months, initially, which may be extended with the permission of the Central Government.

4. The Committee may co-opt other Technical Experts in future with the approval of the Secretary, MCA.

5. The Chairman of the Committee will have its office and support staff at IICA. The detailed terms and conditions for the Chairman and Members of the Committee will be decided and issued separately by IICA.

6. The Committee will submit its report on Draft Competition Policy and Competition Advocacy in three months, and the proposed changes in Competition Act in six months.

7. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

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