No. F. 33(2)Horne/Gr.9/2019

Dated: 07:04:2020


Sub: Clarification Regarding List of Permitted Activities during Lockdown in the Private Sector.

The category of various permitted activities during Lockdown was stated in the Order dated 26th March, 2020. More such activities were included vide Order dated 4th April, 2020.

It has come to notice that a large number of those private establishments etc. are still facing problems in obtaining permissions to open/operate.

1. Conditions for Permitted Category to Operate without Separate Permission

Henceforth, all such shops, outlets, offices, establishments, factories, workshops, warehouses / godowns and services that are in the “permitted” category can open / operate without the need for a separate permission, subject to the following conditions:

(1) Such units etc. shall ensure that they observe the basic precautionary measures of social distancing, hygiene, face masks as have been specified from time to time.

(2) The District Administration / Department or Local Body officials concerned shall ensure that these standards / precautions are Any unit found not observing the same shall be shut down.

(3) Strict legal action will be taken against any shop, factory, establishment etc. that is found to be open, not in the permitted category, for violating the orders issued under lockdown. Any unit found not observing the same shall be shut down.

(4) For any unit that is not clear as to whether it is in the “permitted” category or not, clarification be sought from the District

2. System For Passes for Owner/Staff/Workers/Labour

No separate Pass is required for Owner / Staff / Workers / Labour if they are staying at the work place or within the factory premises for the purpose of work alone. For any other purpose in such staff / labour colony, the conditions of staying at home during lock down shall be observed.

For all other persons who are required to travel from home to work place, the system laid down earlier for passes will continue.

(Rajeeva Swarup)

Additional Chief Secretary

Copy for information and necessary action to the following:‑

1. Principal Secretary to Chief Minister

2. Deputy Secretary to Chief Secretary

3. All Additional Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/Secretaries

4. Director General of Police

5. All Divisional Commissioners

6. All Range IG/DIGs

7. Commissioner Police, Jaipur/Jodhpur

8. Commissioner & Secretary, Transport

9. All Collectors and District Magistrates

(P.C. Berwal)
Special Secretary to Govt.


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