November 20, 2017

The Editor
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Dear Editor,

Subject: Rebuttal on the news item appearing on the on 20th November, 2017

Your kind attention is invited to the news item,

“Modi Government Has 24 Hours to Appeal Dismissal of DRI’s Charges Against Adani Group” by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta published in on 20/11/2017

This news item is factually and legally incorrect. Section 129D of the Customs Act, 1962 stipulates 3 months period for the review of an Adjudication Order and thereafter one more month for filing the appeal. In the instant case Adjudication Order was issued on 22nd August, 2017 and Review Order has been issued on 15th November. 2017. The appeal is being filed by the Commissioner of Customs in the Tribunal before the last date i.e. 14th December, 2017.

The assertion in the news item that the government has only 24 hours left for filing  the appeal is legally incorrect.

You are requested to publish this rebuttal immediately.


Additional Director General

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence

Mumbai Zonal Unit


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