While appreciating the Govt for taking concrete steps to ensure availability of Remedesivir earlier & now AmphotericinB for treatment of Black Fungus, we also urge Shri  Mansukh Mandaviya to negotiate with pharma companies to bring down the cost of the drug as it’s too expensive.

Confederation of All India Traders

Ref. No.: 3219/1/50

21st May, 2021

Shri Mansukh L. Mandaviya
Hon’ble MoS Chemicals and Fertilizers
Government of India
New Delhi

Dear Shri Mansukh

Sub : Ambho-B 50mg Liposomal salt injections required for treatment of patients of Black Fungus

We express our deep gratitude to you for taking timely actions in past days which have made easy availability of Remidisivir and other critical injections to Covid patients particularly at the most critical time in the recent past

We invoke your kind and immediate attention towards shortage of Ambhotericin B-50 mg injections prescribed by the Doctors all over the Country for treatment of Black Fungus. Since there is a surge in cases of Black Fungi’s in different States, the demand of these injections have cropped up suddenly to a large extent and unfortunately, these injections are having a shortage in the market which is due to the fact that earlier these injections were not having any substantial demand locally therefore these were being manufactured primarily for export purposes only.

In this context, we wish to bring to your kind notice that the MRP of these injections are around Rs.7000-an per injection. As per medical protocol, the Doctors arc prescribing 70 to two vials of these injections to each person depending upon the severity of the disease thereby making the treatment highly costly and unaffordable for a common man hi the Country. We have come to know from the market sources that earlier, the Pharma Companies manufacturing these injections were giving these injections in the market at a special price of about Rs.25oo-oo per injection.

Keeping into consideration, the high quantity of injections to be required for every patient and in order to make prices of these injections affordable, we request you to please take up this matter with the Pharma Companies who are manufacturing these injections and in the wake of current pandemic, take the supply of these injections under the control of the Government and these injections should be supplied directly to Hospitals. In such case, since the distribution chain will not be in between, the Government may negotiate the price with the manufacturers which should come down to at least Rs. 2000-0o per injection and thug it will be affordable for even a corn neon man,

We are sure that it will receive your kind attention and you will be please to take immediate necessary action.

Thank You. With kind regards
Yours truly

Praveen Khandichval
National Secretary General

Ashish Grover
National Convener, Pharmaceutical Committee, CAIT

Download letter by CAIT requesting to Bring down the cost of Ambho-B 50mg Liposomal salt injection

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