Confederation of all India Traders has written a letter to Shri Amit Shah, Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs and requested Request to take strict action against alleged black-marketing of covid related medicines and equipment. Full text of the letter is as follows:-

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11th may, 2021

Ref. No: 3212/1/50

Shri Amit Shah
Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs
Government of India
New Delhi

Dear Shri Amit Shah ji,

Sub : Request to take strict action against alleged black-marketing of covid related medicines and equipment, etc.

We invoke your kind and immediate attention towards various media reports both on electronic and print media that appeared in the recent past showing the black-marketing of much needed covid medicines. injections, equipment and several other items by some scrupulous persons at a time when these items are badly needed for the survival of large number of covid patients all over the Country. We term it as a ‘most heinous crime which can not be pardoned and deserve strictest and exemplary punishments for the people who are indulging into such kind of practices. It has brought a bad name for the nation even at global level and has greatly tarnished the image of India who is known for upholding the human values. It is an ugly act of some of the anti-humanity people which has further compelled the people to suffer more who are already piling on the miseries of families already suffering tremendous pain due to the pandemic.

In particular, It was extremely disgusting to watch a news report on an electronic channel yesterday where some of the people did not spare even the “Kafan” cloth of the deceased by stealing such cloth from the cremation ground and were alleged to sell such cloth as new cloth in the market. This incident has made us all ashamed as an Indian citizen and such people are certainly the enemies of humanity. This incident has crossed all the limits of inhuman behaviour it is really a shame for every Indian and compel us to think how can we fall so low ?

We treat the above issues of utmost importance and highly condemn such uncalled-for, inhuman and hatred act of these scrupulous people and demand that a fast track court should be set up immediately for the trial of these persons and they should be given exemplary punishment So that no other person in the Country could dare to even think of repeating such heinous crime. We also request that if need be, the Union Government should bring an Ordinance to punish these people who are the enemies of the Country. We also propose that the properties and Bank Accounts of such people should be attached immediately. However, enough care should be taken to ensure that no innocent or honest trader who is complying all the laws. rules and regulations and indulging into legal and transparent trading activities should not be made a scapegoat.

It is highly regretted that at such a time when the entire nation is fighting against covid, lakhs of people are struggling for their lives across the Country, their relatives are running from pillar to post in arranging medicines and other medical facilities, large number of trade and social organisations including CAIT members have come forward to help the Government and Society at large, these people have brought bad name not only to the society but even for the Country as well.

Though we are sure that none of the members of the Trade Associations in the Country are involved in such anti-Country activities yet we have advised trade associations across the Country to find out if any such people is their member and if so he should be terminated from the membership of the concerned Association from immediate effect and also ensure a social boycott of such people. We are also making similar appeal to various other social organisations across the Country. We have also advised CAIT Chapters in all Stales to make similar demand and actions to their respective Chief Ministers.

While strongly condemning once again the conduct of such people, we request you to kindly take immediate necessary action to bring such people in the books and award them the severest possible punishment under the law.

Thank You. With kind regards
Yours truly

Praveen Khandelwal
National Secretary General
Confederation of all India Traders

Black-marketing of covid medicines equipment - Strict action needed


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