It may be happened with you that somebody threatened you over street, in market or some other places to get something from you it may be money, things you are carrying or anything else and you were wondering to have something in your pocket to save yourself.

Nowadays, threatening is a very basic business practice in markets for dealers or people dealing in selling and purchasing goods which involve transaction of money in cash.

Gun ImageDealers/businessmen are being threatened many times during their ways to home or at work for getting killed. Many of my clients ask me, should they get a revolver or pistol in their pocket for safety purpose. Here is a short article along with the safety tips to get a license of arms and how to use it after getting the same.

Government has made it very easy for people desiring an arms license. The process for applying for the license is online and once you apply it online you need to submit the physical copies of the documents as prescribed along with the application with the concerned police station.


> Application to be applied online; (in Delhi through;

> 4 passport size photographs (self attested on the back side);

> An Undertaking for safe storage;

Image 1> Medical Certificate– to be issued by a registered MBBS Doctor on their letter head or on prescribed proforma by a Govt. Doctor);

> Self attested copy of the Date of birth proof (it may be Matriculation certificate or School leaving Certificate, Passport, PAN card etc);

> Proof of Identity– Aadhar card is Mandatory.

a written declaration in the form of an Affidavit to be submitted in this regard an alternative identification proof like Passport or Voter ID card;

> Residence Proof: In case the applicant does not possess Aadhar Card or Passport, which may include Voter ID Card or Electricity bill or Landline telephone bill or Rent deed or Lease deed or property documents or any other documents to the satisfaction of the Licensing Authority

> Posting-cum-residence certificate / recommendation from the Commanding / supervisory Gazetted Officer is mandatory (In case of Armed Forces Personnel, and paramilitary forces only). Police personnel may also submit this proof.

> Financial status proof like Income Tax Return (ITR)/Salary Slip or any other proof.

> In case of threat, attach a copy of FIR/Complaints to justify the threat if any,


> Arms license of the deceased or the transferor as the case may be;

> Consent on affidavit of licensee, in case of transfer of weapon the who intends to transfer his weapon;

> An indemnity bond, in case of death of licensee, from the applicant and NOCs from all the other legal heirs;

> Approval from office of DGO’s, DHQ, in case the weapon is Non-Service-Pattern (NSP).


> NOC from Department;

> Proof of Official address, if any;

> Date of retirement (Copy of order issued by the office in case of Govt. Servant / Army/ CPO /Police /DHG personnel);

Image 2> An undertaking is to be submitted by the security guard duly signed from his employer regarding the requirement and his training.


> Papers like MCD / NDMC / Delhi Cantonment Registration Certificate / Sales Tax receipt / Service Tax Receipt / VAT receipt;

> Annual Income;

> Annual Turnover;

> Daily cash Transaction;

> No. of employees;

> Any other document as may be demanded by the concerned officer.


Government fees for obtaining gun license vary from 500 to 2000 depending on the weapon you wanted to hold.


The application form as above along with the requisite documents can be submitted in the Licensing Unit on any working day from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM.

The sample forms can be downloaded from the hyperlinks provided on the government portal or else can be obtained from the licensing Unit.


1. Always keep it in safe custody;

2. Don’t give it to anyone for showing off yourself;

3. It should be unloaded before giving to anyone;

4. Keep it away from people who are drunk;

5. Always keep it away from children, it is not a toy

6. Always treat the gun as loaded.



Praveen SinghPraveen Singh has done his graduation from University of Delhi and currently, he is associated with Rasu & Associates (Company Secretaries) and the firm is based in gurugram, Haryana. He is pursuing company secretary course from Institute of Company Secretaries of India. If you have any comments and/or suggestions please free to reach out at: Email:

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  1. Atil says:

    Dear Sir, I’m a junior lawyer practicing in the field of criminal law. I intend to apply for an arms license with Delhi Police. I had decent earnings in the financial years 2013-14 and 2014-15. But my earnings in the financial years 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 dipped considerably for various reasons and I was in fact in financial losses as per my Income Tax Returns for these years. My private practice is now again showing signs of recovery in the Financial Year 2018-19. Will I be considered reasonably for an Arms License or rejected outright due to losses in recent years?

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