Ministry of Corporate Affairs acknowledges that services on MCA 21 are not of the fullest satisfaction of the stakeholders for last few days. The Ministry is seized of the matter and taking all necessary steps for smooth functioning of MCA21. Further that Ministry will consider appropriate & due waiver of the additional fee or any other issue being faced by stakeholders due to non-filing of information because of problems in MCA21 system in last few days.

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0 responses to “MCA to waive additional fees charged due to non smooth functioning of its website”

  1. Chakkrapani Bashyam says:

    It is a welcome measure, whether they act swiftly to refund additional fees?

  2. Ashok Kumar Vanechand Shah says:

    In the name of Trade Mark, almost all cases of name approval request is rejected. It has now become almost impossible to obtain any name getting approved from ROC. Even generic name are also not approved. MCA needs to look into the matter.

  3. DEEPAK SONI says:

    MCA has also been creating innumerable problems as other GOVT departments.There is nobody to listen to.The people of the nation are tired of corruption ,most lethargic and most iresponsive and most irresponsible Govt and its BABUS

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