Minutes of Board Meetings and Committee Meetings

The Minutes of Meetings of the Board and any Committee thereof can be inspected by the Directors.

A Director is entitled to inspect the Minutes of a Meeting held before the period of his Directorship. A Director is entitled to inspect the Minutes of the Meetings held during the period of his Directorship, even after he ceases to be a Director.

A Member of the company is not entitled to inspect the Minutes of Meetings of the Board.

Minutes of General Meetings

Directors and Members are entitled to inspect the Minutes of all General Meetings including Resolutions passed by postal ballot.

Minutes of all General Meetings shall be open for inspection by any Member during business hours of the company, without charge, subject to such reasonable restrictions as the company may, by its Articles or in General Meeting, impose so, however, that not less than two hours in each business day are allowed for inspection.

Points of Similarities in both cases: (Applicable for General Meeting & Board Meeting Minutes)

  • The Company Secretary in Practice appointed by the company, the Secretarial Auditor, the Statutory Auditor, the Cost Auditor or the Internal Auditor of the company can inspect the Minutes as he may consider necessary for the performance of his duties.
  • While providing inspection of Minutes Book, the Company Secretary or the official of the company authorised by the Company Secretary to facilitate inspection shall take all precautions to ensure that the Minutes Book is not mutilated or in any way tampered with by the person inspecting.
  • Inspection of Minutes Book may be provided in physical or in electronic form.

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  1. Hasan says:

    Can you quote a law or decision of the court which allows a former director to receive or inspect minutes of the period he was a director.

    I was director on board of a company and I was provided with minutes of all the meetings I attended. Now when I am asking for a copy for ,y re ord the company is dilly dallying

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