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We have attached below a PPS / PPT – Company Secretaries in Companies Bill 2011 which is based on Companies Bill, 2011 passed in Lok Sabha  on 18.12.2012. The Company Secretary (CS in short) profession has lot more in the new Bill. This presentation intents to have a birds eye view of what is in the cards for the CS profession. Presentation Discussed mainly the following Topics :-

1. CS In Definitions

2. CS Role in Incorporation & Prospectus Document Of A Company

3. CS Role in Annual Return Of A Company

4. Compliance with Secretarial Standards Of The ICSI

5. Mandatory Appointment of Company Secretary As A Key Managerial Personnel

6. Secretarial Audit for Bigger Companies

7. Functions of A Company Secretary

8. Company Secretary in Mergers & Amalgamation

9. Company Secretary as a Technical Member of National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)

10. New Sections In Place Of Existing Section 383A

11. Major Comparison of Provisions Relating To Company Secretary In Companies Act, 1956 And Companies Bill, 2011

Link to Download ppt on Role of CS in Companies Bill 2011


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