During the last one week’s investigation into the bribery case against Company Law Board (CLB) member R Vasudevan, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has purportedly found that Vasudevan had made enough ill-gotten money. In fresh raids, the agency has recovered cash, FDRs and jewellery worth nearly Rs 1 crore from his residence.

Officials sources in the CBI said they are still investigating if others were involved with him and where all he could have invested his money. Meanwhile, the agency is yet to arrest the lawyer who allegedly arranged the delivery of a bribe amount of Rs 7 lakh to Vasudevan and has been named in the FIR.

During searches at Vasudevan’s residence at Chennai and three of his bank lockers, the CBI has recovered cash worth Rs 40 lakh, Rs 30.42 lakh and Rs 14.16 lakh in the three lockers respectively apart from Rs 75,000 from his residence. The CBI is yet to open the fourth locker owned by him.

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