The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Chennai in a bribery case of Rs.10 lakhs.

A case was registered against Registrar of Companies, Chennai and Chairman of Group of Companies based at Tamil Nadu U/s120-B of IPC and 7, 12 & 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d) of PC Act 1988 on information alleging that the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Chennai has demanded an amount of Rs.10 lakhs as illegal gratification from a Chairman of Group of Companies based at Tamil Nadu.

It was further alleged that there was an attempt by rival group within the management to take control over the Group of Companies during the Annual General Body meeting to be held on 27.08.2014 at Chennai and the Registrar of Companies demanded the illegal gratification for not approving the decision that is going to be taken during the above meeting. CBI laid a trap and the vehicle in which the Registrar of Companies was travelling immediately after collection of the money, was intercepted. A Surprise Check was conducted in the car and the bribe amount of Rs.10 lakhs allegedly accepted by the Registrar of Companies was recovered from his possession.

Searches were conducted at the official & residential premises of Registrar of Companies at Chennai. Several incriminating documents; a Computer Hard Disc and an amount of Rs.20 lakhs was recovered from his residence.

The arrested accused and is being produced before the Special Judge for CBI Cases, Chennai.

The investigation is continuing.

CBI Press Release- New Delhi, 26.08.2014


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  1. Dipak J Shah says:

    Even , if I point out my own cases in High Court of Gujarat , you may find some blemishes !!! Unbelievable!! Then what to say. From the face of Judgment and all aspect you may find and decide,. I have the proof to over ride the Provisions of Law of land!!!
    One may write to me personally for all details.There is no hid of the fatcs and all . No fishy……
    Shah D J
    [email protected]

  2. SEKARAN says:

    Every Ram, Sham, Lallu and Panju who has to interface with the Govt, be it the State Govt or a Central Govt is absolutely corrupt either by nature or is corrupted in due course by his corrupt boss doing chamcha giri to his political mentor. This is 200% correct. Guys like Khemka are misfits in the world of corruption. Babus and their bill collectors need not be too protective about this fact. The only way to beat this cancer is immediate dismissal and confiscation of the so far collected wealth with no recourse to courts and stopping all previleges including pension and PF, ex gratia etc.The guys names with photos should be published in big size in the news papers where they worked last and also in the Gazette, for every one to spit on the guy’s face. Their corruption should be highly publicised so that others take it as an example. In a few cases in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and public distribution systems they should be charged with extreme kind of crime i.e murder and hanged if proved in a court.For too long Indians have borne the pain due to these corrupt people in politics, Govt and private sector too. Modi should now act sternly with all such cases without partiality. Surely a law can be made for such a gross crime now in no time.Even the enforcement agencies like the CBI, Police, Vigilance etc should not be allowed to go away with light punishments.

  3. CA Deepak Soni says:

    rob rob this country rob as mich as you can without any fear.Earlier ti were moghuls and then came the British and now it has its own people.The Britsh outsmarted Moghuls and now our own have outsmarted British and also the Moghuls.

  4. ramani says:

    No government office, Union or State, is an exception to opaque deals. Solution lies in countrywide computerisation down to the village unit, reformatting the discretionary powers of the babus and massive investment in education and health sectors. India’s high cost of economic activity is largely a result of the opacity in interactions with government at all levels.

  5. A. Ranganathan says:

    Manu Neethi Chozhan who it is reported as the bribe taker carries a name of a legendary Tamil King who was famous for meting out justice to his citizen without fear or favour. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    What a falling off has been there!

  6. Dipak J Shah says:

    Is it the only case in the office of R O C ? Every day there may be hundreds of such bribery cases in the office of R O C of each states !!! How many of them are catch hold of? This reminds me one case of R O C who was put in one corner of the office for long time not given any routine work. Resigned and now he is practicing as CS !!!
    M C A offices , all , are in the same way. Not less.

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