‘RUN’ is one of the Government Process Re-engineering (GPR) initiatives for making the incorporation process speedy, smooth, simple and reducing number of procedures involved for starting a business, w.e.f. 26th January 2018 on the occasion of 69th Republic Day new web based service i.e you can directly submit the application for reserving name online within few minutes (there is no requirement to download e-form like INC-1, after filling up the earlier form and attaching DSC (after successful pre-scrutiny) you were required to upload  the same), has been launched for reserving name of new company or for change in name of existing company earlier there was INC-1 for reservation of name of new company or for change in name of existing company.

Q1. For how many days name will get reserved using RUN?

Ans. Now time-limit for using reserved name is 20 DAYS from the day of approval in case of name reserved for new company and 60 DAYS from the date of approval in case of change of name of existing company.

Though in INC-1 era you were able to get name reservation for 60 DAY from the date of application.

So in case you are going to reserve name for a new company now you should take care that you will have name reservation only for 20 days from the date of approval so time limit has been reduced from 60 to 20 days and in case of change of existing company time limit is 60 days from the DATE OF APPROVAL instead of 60 days FROM THE DATE OF APPLICATION.

Since form is web-based form and can be used only after taking login on mca portal so SPICe INC-32, INC-12 and INC-24 also needs to be uploaded from the same login ID which was used for taking name reservation.

Q2. How many names can be given of the proposed company?

Ans. Using RUN service you can give only one name which must be unique and you form will be either approved or rejected by Central Registration Center (CRC) and now on wards you will not get re-submission (RSUB).

While using INC-1 you had option to give 6 names of the proposed company in order of preference but now this option is no more available in RUN.

Q3. What is the fee for submitting application for name reservation?

Ans. Fee is Rs. 1000 and there is no change in fee because earlier also you were required to pay Rs. 1000 while uploading INC-1.

Q4. Is there any requirement of DSC of applicant for submitting the application for name reservation?

Ans. No requirement of DSC but you will be able to apply for name reservation only after login and there is also one restriction that SPICe form, INC-12 and INC-24 will be uploaded using same ID.

Q4. What are the information which need to be submitted for applying name reservation

Ans. Following information is required to be submitted while submitted application for name reservation using ‘RUN’.

(1). First filed in web based form is ‘Enity type’ from drop down menu you can select relevant option for the proposed company

(2). Second field is CIN to be filled in case of change of name of existing company

(3). Third field is for entering name of the proposed company which must be unique because after that you have to click on auto check and after this system search for name proposed this check is only at system level after CRC will check the proposed name.

(4).  Last field is ‘Comment’ where you have to give proposed object of the company in short.

(5). then there is attachment button after comment field where you can upload attachments like NOC ,if any (where your name is similar with trademark (application pending/ registered)), Sectoral  approval letter (if any) etc.

(6). Then after successful submission SRN will be generated and you have to make payment and your application will be taken into consideration only after making payment i.e `1000 (at present).

In INC-1 there were 15 fields and attachment option and that form was asking great details like who is applicant, State where this proposed company shall have registered office, details of proposed directors, numbers of promoters etc. and DSC of applicant.

Q5. Is there any requirement to give details of minimum numbers (as required by law) of  proposed director(s) i.e one director in case of OPC, two directors in case of private company, three directors in case of public company, five directors in case of producer company while submitting application for name reservation?

Ans. In RUN process there is no requirement of providing numbers and details of proposed directors.

Though while using INC-1 you were required to provide Number of promoter (with DIN/PAN/passport Number/CIN/FCRN or any other registration number) and you were also required to provide DIN of proposed director(s) like one in case of OPC, two in case of private company, three in case of public company, five in case of producer company and so earlier using INC-1 you were required to obtain DIN of minimum directors as applicable to your proposed company but now this requirement has been done away with and proposed subscribers not having DIN, shall be allotted only through SPICe INC-32 but maximum 3 DINs can be allotted through SPICe form.

So by using RUN you need not to obtain DIN of the proposed director and DIN of proposed directors (not having DIN) shall be allotted only though SPICe (Maximum 3 DINs) form which will bring cost reduction in getting a company incorporated.

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  1. Manoj Saxena says:

    Hi Rahul,

    Can I request to cancel company name which is approved by MCA or can I just left the approved name and it will automatically deleted after 20 days

    Manoj Saxena

  2. dhiraj kumar gupta says:

    this system is introduced to reduce time gap for creation of a company but same is not the case. they are matching the applied name with the trademarks also which is practically not possible to search. further only one name is allowed now with no re-submission as earlier. so it is like govt just wanted to make money. even a tiny match with lakhs of name with become the basis of rejection now.

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