The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is in the process of implementing the third version of its flagship project MCA 21 (NCA 21 V-3). The project will be developed and implemented in phase wise manner over the fiscal year 2021-22.

In May 2021 (Phase-1),

– Ministry will release an upgraded version of MCA website, followed by two other public facing modules viz. e-Consultation and e-Book. Other modules of MCA 21 version 2 will continue to operate in parallel and Migration of all modules of MCA 21 version 2 modules to version 3 shall take place from October 2021 onwards.

Key features of the new MCA Website

1. There is no change in the login process. Registered Users can continue to login using their existing credentials.

2. There is no change in the Registration Process. New Users can sign up on the website here on V3. Please refer to the FAQs on Registration for more information.

3. There is no change in the e-filing process. Please refer to the FAQs on e-filing for more information.

4. There is no change in the payment process. Please refer to the FAQs on Payment Process for more information.

5. There is no change in “My Workspace” Tab with MCA website. It will remain same. All the forms saved in drafts can accessed through My Workspace.

6. The Stakeholder’s corner has been discontinued. All the important reports/documents which were available in this section have been moved to Library page under Data & Reports. These reports could also be found in ‘Recent Reports’ tab in the Notification & Updates section of the Home Page. Vacancies/Appointments has been moved to News & Updates section.

7. The important Messages in the News tab on the Home Page could be found in the Important Updates tab in the Notification & Updates section of the Home Page.

8. Forms & Downloads link – You can now access Forms & Downloads section by clicking on Company Forms Downloads and LLP Forms Downloads cards located on the Home Page. Alternatively, the page can also be accessed through e-filing option under the MCA Services menu drop-down.

9. Now The Sectional Search has been provided to enable users to quickly locate the relevant document. It caters to the documents in a particular section whereas Website search caters to the entire website.

10. CRC can be accessed from the Corporate Seva Kendra card added in the Information Corner on the Home Page.

11. KPI Performance Report has been moved to Related Information and Document section of the About MCA

12. The Reports like Extension of AGM, ROC Adjudication Reports, Disqualified Directors, Companies struck off, and Proclaimed Offenders have been moved to RD/ROC Information section under Data & Reports.

13. Now, SOP for Grievance Redressal is located under Help & FAQ menu drop down.

14. Staff Grievance Officer page has been moved to Employee Corner.

15. The important services on new MCA website shortcuts to access primary and ancillary services have been provided on Homepage as cards.

➢ Step 1: Scroll through the 6 primary service cards below banner image. The following services can be accessed:

  • Register your Company
  • Company Forms Downloads
  • Close your Company
  • Register your LLP
  • LLP Forms Downloads
  • Close your LLP

➢ Step 2: User can click on any of the cards to know more and avail any of these services. The process of filing e-forms remain the same. To know more, click on FAQs on e-filing.

➢ Step 3: Scroll down to 12 Frequently used services cards given below the urgent notice band.

➢ Step 4: User can use <> arrows to scroll through and select the required service.

The following essential services can be directly accessed –

  • E-Books
  • Name Reservation – Company
  • Name Reservation – LLP
  • DIR 3 KYC
  • Track Transaction Status
  • View Public Documents
  • View Company/ LLP Master Data
  • Associate DSC
  • Update DSC
  • Enquire Fee
  • Independent Director/ Databank Registration
  • E-Auction

➢ Step 5: For services cards with lock icon on top, user will be redirected to login page. For cards without lock icon, the user will be navigated to the services page.

➢ Step 6: Alternatively, all these services can be accessed from Home -> MCA Services

➢ Step 7: All other MCA services can be accessed from Home -> MCA Services in same manner as previous website version.

16. The shortcuts to important information and notifications have been provided on Home page.

➢ Step 1: Scroll to ‘Notifications & Updates’ section on Homepage

➢ Step 2: Click on any of the following tabs to access respective documents/ messages

  • What’s New
  • Latest News
  • Important Updates
  • Videos
  • Notices & Circulars
  • Recent Reports
  • Quotations & Tenders
  • Press Release
  • Vacancies

➢ Step 3: Search by content by typing relevant keyword on the sectional search bar provided.

➢ Step 4: User may select a date range from the Date icon to narrow down search of documents

➢ Step 5: User can scroll through the section to view the latest documents

➢ Step 6: Clicking on ‘View More’ will allow user to view all documents present for each of the sections

➢ Step 7: Clicking on Download icon will directly download documents in user’s system

➢ Alternatively, the user can access the same ‘News & Updates’ pages from quick links

➢ Step 8: All informational pages on Homepage have been arranged together as ‘Information Corner’. The following pages are available for viewing –

  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Employee Corner
  • Annual Reports
  • Parliament Questions & Assurances
  • Information on Company Deposits
  • Mediation & Conciliation Panel
  • Corporate Seva Kendra

➢ User can click on any of the cards to access the respective pages.

➢ All other website related documents can be accessed through other information centric pages like About MCA, Data & Reports, Contact Us

17. The steps to navigate to RDs, ROCs or OLs are as follows: –

➢ Step 1: – Please click on the Contact Us option in the menu band. This will redirect to Grievance cell page under Contact Us Page.

➢ Step 2: – Please click on the Regional Directors tab present in the tab panel on the left.

➢ Step 3: – Please select the desired RD from the interactive Map. Alternatively, the desired RD can also be selected through the drop down present to the right of the interactive map.

➢ Step 4: – Upon selecting the desired RD, the details of the selected RD would appear on the right-hand side. There will be a ‘View on Map’ link at the bottom of the details.

➢ Step 5: – Click on the ‘View on Map’ link. It will redirect to Maps with the location of the RD shown on Maps.

➢ Step 6: – Users can then get directions to the selected RD/ROC/OL office through Maps.

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