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Q.1 What are the features of RUN(Reserve Unique Name) web service

Ans:  It is a simple and easy to use web service for reserving a name for a new company or for change of name for any existing company.

Q.2 What is the first step for availing the service

Ans: This is a post-login service and existing users would need to login into their account using their credentials. New users are required to create a login account first before using the service. After login, they may click on the icon RUN(Reserve Unique Name)under the head ‘MCA Services’. Once they click on the icon, the following web page will appear:

Q.3 What is Entity Type?

Ans: Entity Type represents the Type/Class/Category of the proposed company in case name is being reserved for incorporating a new company. It has the following options along with the suffixes which shall be allowed based on the type of entity selected:

Q.4 What is CIN and when does it have to be entered?

Ans: CIN is Corporate Identification Number and it has to be entered only when an existing company wishes to change its name and is using RUN to reserve a new name.

Q.5 What is LLPIN and when does it have to be entered?

Ans: LLPIN is LLP Identification Number and it has to be entered only when an existing LLP wishes to convert itself into a company and is using RUN to reserve such name for the company. Please note that in case of conversion of LLP to company, the proposed name shall be the name of the existing LLP except for the change in suffix ‘LLP/Limited Liability Partnership’.

Q.6 What is to be entered in the space “Proposed name”?

Ans: User has to enter the name he wants to reserve, for incorporation of a new company or for changing the name of an existing company. Users are requested to ensure that the proposed name selected does not contain any word which is prohibited under Section 4(2) & (3) of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 8 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. Users are also requested to read and understand Rule 8 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 in respect of any proposed name before applying for the same.

For Name Search:


Stakeholders are requested to also check the Trademark search to ensure that the proposed name is not in violation of provisions of Section 4(2) of the Companies Act, 2013, failing which it is liable to be rejected.

For Trade Mark Search:


Q.7 For how many days is a reserved name valid?

Ans: An approved name is valid for a period of

(i) 20 days from the date of approval (in case name is being reserved for a new company) or

(ii) 60 days from the date of approval (in case of change of name of an existing company)

Q.8 What is required to be entered in the space “comments”?

Ans: User is advised to enter the objects of the proposed company and any other relevant comments in support of the proposed name.

Q.9 Is it mandatory to attach documents while reserving name?

Ans: No. It is mandatory to attach relevant documents and No Objection Certificates(NOCs) only when a name which requires the approval of a Sectoral Regulator or NoC etc. if applicable, as per the Companies(Incorporation) Rules, 2014, is being applied for. Please note that only one file is allowed to be uploaded as an attachment and the size of the file should not exceed 6MB. In case of multiple attachments, please scan all documents into a single file not exceeding 6MB in size, and then upload the same.

Q.10 What is the Fee payable?

Ans: Rs.1000 for each submission.

Q.11 What is the next step after ‘Submit’?

Ans: Upon successful submission of the proposed name and the payment, challan will be generated depicting the details of the fees paid by the user.

Q.12 Is ‘Resubmission(RSUB)’ allowed?

Ans: No. Users may please note that the name applied for will either be approved or rejected and no resubmission is allowed. A fresh payment of Rs.1000 has to be made for every application submitted using the RUN service.

Q.13 How are the names applied through the service are processed?

Ans: Name applications will be processed by Central Registration Centre(CRC) under Non-STP mode. The name applied for will be subjected to a comprehensive check by the Central Registration(CRC) and thereafter approval or rejection, as the case may be, shall be communicated by e-mail to the applicant.

Q.14 What precautions are required to be taken to avoid rejection of names applied for?

Ans: To avoid rejection of the name applied for, users are advised to be familiar with the Companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014, as amended, and conduct their own Name and Trade Mark search, the links for which are available separately on the portal, prior to submission of applications.

Q.15 Is any communication sent to the user upon approval/rejection of the names applied for?

Ans: Yes. When a proposed name is approved/ rejected, an email communication containing confirmation of approval/rejection (as the case may be) with related documents, if any, is sent to the email id of the applicant. Name approval/ rejection letter upon approval/ rejection of the eForm is system generated and shall be digitally signed by the Registrar and sent to the email id of the applicant. Rejection letter is generated on the basis of rejection codes defined by the Ministry.

Q.16 Can a user who has an approved name using the service, permit other users/applicants to use the name?

Ans: No. The same user login ID which was used for reserving the name has to be used for submitting and uploading SPICe,INC-12 and INC-24 forms.


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