The Chairman WIRC has given following updates in relation to Panel for Urban Co-op. Banks and Credit Co-op. Societies (Patsanstha) in his communication (WIRC Newsletter January, 2011).

We had a useful meeting with the officials of the Co-operation Department at Pune on 5th January, 2011 with regards to the co-operative audit in Maharashtra. We have been requested to formulate a programme in respect of processes and other matters for educating the Office-bearers and Administrative staff of the Co-operative Banks. This training shall be imparted from our Branches across Maharashtra. At the same time, there will also be change in the panels being formed for the audits of UCBs and other co-operative societies. Instead of having two separate panel, the Co-operative Department now desires that a single panel be formed for both categories. This will entail obtaining further information from members and firms. On receiving a formal communication from the Department we will make an announcement with all details on the website. We request members to visit the website on a regular basis for updates. We are hopeful that the measures adopted till date lead to a more transparent empanelement and allotment process. It would be worthwhile to note that the Department has also proposed issuing of audit allotment orders through the medium of our website.

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