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Urja Mahesh KariaSelf-talk is the best way to come in terms with truths of our lives. We have all heard ourselves talk. I’ll be happy when I get that car, I’ll be happy when I pass my exams, I’ll be happy when I find my true love, I’ll be happy when i…. why is our happiness always planned in future? How are you so sure that when you get that particular thing, it will make you happy? And what if the thing we expected which was supposed to make us happy, didn’t happen at all? There is an absolute probability of something not happening. We cannot be certain of anything. So why not be Happy now and attract more happiness in our future. It is very human to be happy when we get something we want and being sad when we don’t. But if at all we knew that on the other side of not getting what we want is something much much better than it, then we would never be sad. “When you ask for something, the answer is never No. Its either Yes or wait for a while or there’s something better lined up for you”.

And almost all the times, our happiness is connected to material things. Things which money can buy. First things first, happiness received from material things, is very short lived. It may make us happy for a while, we may be awestruck for a few days till that thing is new and once we get used to it, it stops making us happy and our pursuit for happiness in some new material thing starts already.

Just notice how kids are always happy. They are happy even when they are sad. They keep jumping out of joy all the time. Whether they get something they want or they don’t. It doesn’t really change anything for them. Ever wonder, how they get whatever they want so easily? It’s so simple. No one would mind a smiling face now, would they? Any person would volunteer to buy a kid whatever they ask for after looking at such a beautiful and innocent face. Their smile makes you want to love them. But, how come are they so happy? Because, Past and Future are the two things kids don’t think about. For them, it’s just now or never. Even when they want something, they want it right now, same goes with happiness.

Many people think they’ll be happy when they get more. But real happiness is when you give more. When you give help, give love, be kind, and give your support. There’s nothing as beautiful a sight as a human helping another human. It’s always Give and Take. It’s never Take and Give.

Can anyone else make us happy? Unless we ourselves want to be happy, No! The people in our lives, who try and help us, can just try to help, but to be happy or not to be happy is absolutely our own choice. The good news is that ‘Happiness is an inside job, and anyone and everyone has access over it. We can be happy even for the smallest of things. In fact, little joys of life bring more happiness. ‘Be Happy. Because, when the time comes, all the tears, all the pains, all the struggle, every single thing, will be worth it’.

As Frederick Keonig said, We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

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