We all must be cautious and take adequate measures to keep ourselves protected. We all should

1. Avoid handshakes with anyone

2. Wear masks while going out of our homes or whenever a guest visits our home, no matter who ever he/she is. Also wear masks if you have a maid coming to your house. Make masks out of a handkerchief or some clean cloth if you don’t have a proper mask. Tissue papers tied to rubber bands can also be used as masks, ultimate aim is to protect us from inhaling virus while breathing.

3. Avoid meeting people and try to keep your work upto telephonic conversation to the extent possible. While meeting people if necessary, avoid close proximity and keep a safe distance with them.

4. Always wash your hands every time you come back to home or before eating anything or before touching your face. Use soaps, liquid soaps or sanitizer to wash your hand. Sanitizer can be made by mixing after shave lotion and water in equal quantities.

5. Avoid travelling through a public transport to the extent possible

6. Avoid going to restaurants, pubs, parties, meetings, movie theatres or any other crowded places like shopping malls, markets etc

7. Avoid eating road side food or even ordering online through apps or through any food home delivery service. Avoid eating Paan, tambul also, they are kept dipped in water and in open by the shop keepers.

8. Keep safe distances from your office staff and workers. Avoid sharing pen, calculators, books and papers with them. Also encourage them to use masks and sanitizers, if possible provide them with the same so that they get compelled to use such safety measures.

9. Try not to share your mobile phones, landline phones, laptops, desktops, towels, clothes, handkerchief, footwear, water bottle, tiffins or food with your office staff, friends or others.

10. Grant paid leave to your staff who is coughing or has fever and ask them to return when they are back to normal. Ask them to get proper medical tests if such coughing or fever continues.

11. Wash your hands after you deal with cash transactions. Currency notes and coins come to you after exchange through many hands so you need to be extra careful with this.

12. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water in small quantities every 30 minutes. Even if you get the virus into your mouth, drinking water will take it down to your stomach, where it will get killed by the acids present in stomach. The virus is dangerous if it slips into the lungs with the inhaling of air.

Remember prevention is always better than cure or feeling sorry at later stages. Don’t go by the statistics of 2% mortality or age group or that your city is still safe, every infected person used to think in the same lines otherwise they would not have picked up this virus.

Remember it’s you and only you who can safeguard yourself through this virus and you also own the responsibility to make sure that any one of your near and dear ones dont fall prey to this.

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