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CA Priti Kachhal26th January’ 1950,

The Constitution of India came into force.

& 26th January 1930,

Proclamation of ‘Purna Swaraj’ woke up the entire force.

Paying tribute to all freedom fighters,

Let’s participate in the Republic Day Parade.

& hoisting a tricolor flag,

Colorfully fly & move, getting the message.

The meaning of parade is very wide,

If we connect this to our precious life

Efforts are never get wasted,

If well planned and unaffected by horrible faces.

It is hereby noted that word ‘Public’ is here,

Spreading the below feeling everywhere,

We all for a community that is a “Public”.

As evident no private in the word Republic.

Congratulations to all of us,

Let’s we all celebrate this Republic Day.

Do always good for self & others,

& get the award as we know “Satyamev Jayate”

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