ICAI Elections – important initiative by BCAS

As you are aware, the ICAI elections are scheduled in the first week of December, 2009. The BCAS once again exhorts you to cast your vote and make a difference in these elections. The future of our profession is at stake. Please do not miss this opportunity.

With a view to make a difference to the quality of campaigning, quality of people that get elected and acting as a bridge between the candidates and the members of the ICAI, the BCAS has decided to take upon itself the task of raising certain relevant and critical issues that our profession is facing and finding out the views of the candidates on such matters. The ultimate idea is to obtain the views of all the candidates and to make them available to the members of the ICAI.

We have sent a set of questions to all the candidates who are contesting the Central Council elections from the Western Region. We are awaiting their responses. Once we get the same, we will make the same available to our members. We request you to go through the responses before making any commitment to anyone about the elections. Please do spend time in knowing what is the public stance that each candidate is taking on the important issues and only then should you take a decision on whom to vote for.

The questionnaire that we have sent to the candidates is reproduced below for ready reference.

You will hear from us shortly in the matter.

Yours sincerely,

Ameet N. Patel



Common questions posed to all candidates contesting the elections to the Central Council of the ICAI from the Western Region

Sr. No.



What would be your top priority after getting elected to the central council?


If elected, would you organise periodical meetings with the members to inform them of the proceedings at the council, to be open and to let members give their views on subjects of interest to the profession (to make the system participatory widely) which you then carry to the council? If yes, when can we expect the first meeting?


If elected, will you propose/support a move to grant recognition to programs arranged by professional organisations other than ICAI for CPE purposes?


Are you in favour of allowing CAs to advertise? Do you have in mind any changes to the existing rules relating to marketing by CAs?


The time that you spend for ICAI activities would, obviously, be at the cost of your professional occupation. What prompts you to make this sacrifice?


In the recent past, Institute’s funds have been spent on Yoga sessions, Cricket matches and other such activities. What are your views on this point? Have you expressed any views on the same as a concerned member of the ICAI?


Transparency is the need of the day. Would you be in favour of a move where each candidate is required to disclose certain relevant information such as the public sector assignments that his/her firm is executing at the time of candidature and then through out the term?


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