Programmes offered by OPJS University, Churu. – (23-05-2015)

It has been brought to our notice that OPJS University, Churu (Rajasthan), is offering/conducting certain programmes/courses under the nomenclature “Master in C.A.” and “Bachelor in C.A.” (under the School of Chartered Accountant). Conduct of such courses under the said nomenclature are in contravention of various provisions of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 (CA Act) and various other laws. It is stated that the ICAI is seized of the said matter and appropriate action against the OPJS University, in accordance with the law, has been initiated.

In this connection, it is relevant to mention that the ICAI is the only body set up by an Act of the Parliament, viz. The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949, to regulate the profession of Chartered Accountants in India and no person/body other than the Institute can perform the functions entrusted to the ICAI under the said Act. The use of the expression “Chartered Accountant” or its abbreviation “C.A.” by a person other than the member of the ICAI is a punishable offence under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949. Further, it may be mentioned that awarding any degree, diploma or certificate or bestowing of any designation which indicate or purports to indicate the position or attainment of any qualification or competence similar to that of a member of the ICAI is also punishable offence under the CA Act.

(V. Sagar)
Acting Secretary, ICAI (Source- ICAI)

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0 responses to “OPJS University, Churu provides 'Master/Bachelor in C.A.' in Contravention of law”

  1. RiddhiSiddhi says:

    And what about “Controller of Certifying Authority” under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, who is using short form CA for Certifying Authority?
    Will ICAI initiate action on these Constitutional Authorities??

    pls. clarify!!!!


    I request the Institute to take the strict action against these Universities as they are defaming such a prestigious professional degree and is hurting all the Chartered Accountants in India.

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