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Preksha ChorariaEveryone anticipates success in each endeavour one undertakes. But seldom one encounters failure in the journey to accomplish ones goal. People may give consolation by saying “Failure is the stepping stone to success!” or “Next time!”, however hard it may be to digest, but we know the truth. We are aware that we have lost an opportunity and it is going to be very hard to stand up again and run for our goals.

Being a “CA”I too have experienced the ups and downs of the journey but trust me I have enjoyed my ride thoroughly to the “CA” halt and thereafter I realised that it was not a halt but a new beginning. The result being 4-5% in every exam does relieve 4-5 students per hundred but 95-96 students per hundred are helpless and have to resume all efforts. It’s not that the students were “Unlucky” but the efforts were deficient. Few tips to win the finale under all circumstances:

1. Never blame your fate or others for your defeat. Always remember hard work is an armour protecting you from the vagueness of your fate.

2. Isolate yourself and be focused. (Isolation is required to enhance your concentration and avoid unnecessary thoughts.)

3. Let love blossom between you and your books. Give a good night kiss to your books with a promise to greet good morning the next day.

4. Have an attitude of being in a scholarly relationship with your books. Don’t take it as a task but commit yourself to your goals. (Here relationship resembles minimum 5 year courtship with your books.)

5. Never force studies on yourself but accept it and indulge into companionship.

6. Try understanding the logic behind every topic, content and matter.

7. Learn and interpret things barring mugging up.

8. Have a practice to espouse single source for basic reading. Multiple books will pile up your problems.

9. Practice what you have learned thoroughly as practice may not make you perfect but surely it will not leave you imperfect.

10. Pursue your dreams tirelessly. To be successful is your birth right (though not mentioned in our constitution) and achieve your goals what may come.

The power to win lies within. Your inner strength is the only source which indeed is the ultimate force to fulfil your aims, goals and dreams, however tough the journey may be.

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