SURAT: This diamond city has a Phungsuk Wangdu of the ‘3 Idiots’ fame in 24-year-old office boy, Shailesh Ghule, who has cleared his final CA exams with flying colours.

Unlike Wangdu aka Aamir Khan, Shailesh did not impersonate anyone to pursue his love for studies, but does have the same background. Living in a 12×25 room in a slum in Limbayat with a family of five, he has successfully stepped in the world of chartered accountants. He cleared his CA final exams with 220 and 210 marks in both the groups and ultimately plans to set up his own consultancy firm.

Shailesh, youngest son of housemaid Nirmala and textile loom worker Arun, a migrant Maharashtrian family, studied in Sarvajanik High school in Marathi medium and did BCom from IGNOU. While doing BCom he came in touch with Jay Chhaira, his tutor and employer, running the Institute of Professional Studies in Athwalines. He joined the institute as a student-cum-office-boy so that he doesn’t have to put any financial burden on his father and elder brother.

Many have seen Shailesh sitting quietly on the third floor steps of Tirupati Plaza engrossed in studies. Many have also seen him riding 7 km every day from Limbayat to the institute. “With a monthly income of Rs 6,000 I knew I could not expect money from my family. So I decided to work and earn for my education,” Shailesh told reporters. He did lose heart in between and left studies completely for two years, only to return with more vigour and clear every exam. After clearing his initial exams, he served his articleship and internship at Sushil Banadhiya and Sons and Kaniya Asava and Company. Chhaira, his tutor, said, “This boy always had the will to succeed”.

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  1. rahul kapoor says:

    Sir, i want to ask you sir after 10th i have 5 years gap in my studies what can i do to take admission in 12th from patrachar vidhalaya.

  2. VAGISHA says:


  3. bharat jain says:


    Convey my sincere regards to your parents.Who given birth to a great son.

    No doubt, this is correct word as i heard from some where, the quote is that “if you born as poor,its not your problem but if you die as a poor then its your problem”.

    You shown to this young world that, to become super, no need of excuses like tuition,donation,fund,financial problem etc and this is the reason i am not able to study.

    bharat jain.
    Keep it.

  4. rekhashree says:

    congrats shailesh, hatsoff. U have given confindence to all youngsters like to u who has the aim to achieve their goal. God bless you

  5. CA SUKANTA says:

    I think passing a CA now a days is not a big achievement what others have expressed. He should try to get through Civil service or IIM for better future.


    I was eager to know the name of the student but could not know. Thanks TAXGURU to inform such an inspiring news………….

    Shailesh’s success is a lesson to all CA students who complains about CA Institute for low results……………….

    I feel pride that this son belongs to my city Surat.

    Congratulations also to Ca Jay Chhaira. Another milestone !


    I heartliy congratulate shailesh for his success in the C.A. final examination, may Almighty Allah bless you with great success in life , remember u r from a financial weak background
    and try to help the poor as much as possible after u become self sufficient , may allah bless u

  8. CA.Shriyans jain says:

    I heartily congratulate Shailesh for his success in the final examination. I strongly believe that firm dtermination in addition to hard work is the way to success

  9. Vijaya sankar says:

    Dear Shailesh,

    My hearty Congratulations!!! I bow my head for your commitment and best of luck in all your endeavours. Further You have shown to many that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”

  10. CA Manish Srivastava says:

    Its really Great achievement, i congratulate you, you remind me of my study days when i used to study in garden in my school days and got Merit list rank. I wish you all the luck in coming year to acheive great success.

    Good Luck.

    CA Manish Srivastava

  11. Shyam Sunder says:

    They always say, There is no substitute to hard work (especially when u wish to become a CA). Once u r focussed on ur goal, u don’t see any barriers. Only when you take ur eye off the goal, you’ll start seeing the barriers.
    Shailesh has set a perfect example for the thousands who are struggling to make it to the elite list. Sure many will take heart from him.
    Thank TaxGuru team for putting this article up here.
    Hearty congratulations to Shailesh for his great success. Wishing him the best of all to come.

  12. Ravinder Chandel says:


    I salute you,I wish you all the successful years ahead.Its wonderful and couraous and hope will inspired thousand who give up the hope of becoming CA after many failiure Attempts.It also ignited me to do someyhing great.

    Beat Wishes,

    Ravinder Chandel

  13. CS Anandteerth says:

    Heartly Congratulation to Mr.Sailesh. He has set the example for many people like him in the our Country. All the best Sailesh

  14. CA Pradeep Kr Burnwal says:

    Hi Shailesh
    You had done a wonder in this profeesion by achieving for you and your family. It is great remarks for the CA Students to cater with such a situation and handle the work life study and the family detriment too.
    All the best for your future career and such a milestone achievement too.


  15. Pratik says:

    Great job buddy.
    Keep it up.
    Give me some tips as to how to exactly clear the exam.
    I m waiting for the reply .
    Anyways Good work.
    God bless.

  16. HEMAL FOZDAR says:

    Hi Shailesh, heartiest congratulation to you for making something impossible into possible and giving a perfect message to people who had lost the hope. HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION ALWAYS PAYS OFF. All the Best for your future.

  17. CA Vijay Gupta says:

    People like Shailesh excel in CA exams because they are committed and fully devoted to thier cause/ambition. My analysis is that poor man’s child count majority of qualified CAs!

  18. s.narayanaswamy says:

    Dear sirs

    i congratulate his becoming a CA. and i bow my head for his dedicated efforts. I myself, worked , as a helper cum table cleaner in many hotels in chennai, and worked as watchman, then as a peon for a private limited company at guindy chennai, sold cigarates and other small eatables , then graded as asst cook to my father , then passed the SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL EXAMS OF CBSE , NEW DELHI, THROU PATRACHAR VIDAYALA, that too, when they were only sending the materials etc on last week of the day of exam, that too, all printed in HINDI, some how, took , FREE TUTIONS, thro CLRI KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA, AND IIT , KV, then passes, D.COM (specilised in Costing, then, B.COM from Delhi University , M.COM. AICWA. FCS, COURSE COMPLETED, in BAL, and host other MANAGMENT DIPLOMAS, CERTIFICATES, AND VARIOUS DEGREES AND DIPLOMAS IN HINDI , even conducted by central hindi directorate , and now , acting as TAX and corporate consultant, having COP with ICSI and earlier with ICWAI . I know, the real efforts, that person might have took. I myself , now training lots and lots of CAs fully qualifed even FCAs and final students, my eligiblity due to the hard core 3 YEARS FREE FROM ANY REMUNERATION, on those days, was a BIG BARRIER to get complete the CA articleship. By fate , could not allowed me to complete the CA course. Hence, this persons, efforts , i can really, guess , and i, as a representative , of many such, first generation, POST MATRICULATION FAMILIES, DO, CONGRATULATE , WHOLE HEARTLY, AND I REQUEST YOU ALL PLEASE CONGRATULATE HIM FOR HIS UNTIRING EFFORTS AND HITTING THE REAL GOAL . MAY THE ALL POWER GOD OR GODDESS MAY KINDLY HELP ME , IN ALL HIS FUTURE ACTIONS AS WELL. with best wishes . S.narayanaswamy consultant, chennai.

  19. Mukul Singh says:

    Hi, Kudos to this guy who proved that nothing is impossible if a person is willing to run an extra mile.May God bless this person and his family who has really done something which is considered IMPOSSIBLE.Cheers.

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